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Subscribe to your favourite gardening magazine and you'll get regular help and advice on how to get the most out of your garden for the amazing price of just £6 for 6 issues. 

Amateur Gardening is the world’s oldest and most practical gardening magazine, offering a weekly fix of unrivalled practical advice. Every issue our team of experts provide the best advice on what you should be doing in the garden that week, all written in plain English with clear step-by-step photographs.

Whether you want the best roses, the healthiest lawn or you want to get the very best crop of fruit and veg, then Amateur Gardening is your one-stop-shop for the best advice.

Thinking of what to plant, but bamboozled by choice? Want to create an amazing garden, but not sure what to grow and where? Amateur Gardening’s plant profile feature stories explain everything you need to know about specific species, which are best for sun, shade and soil type. It will also show you the best varieties to grow and help you make the right choice.

Want specific questions answered about your garden? Amateur Gardening’s top expert John Negus answers all questions free of charge sent by readers via email that very day! No other magazine does that.

Want to garden organically, but not sure how? We will show you every step of the way and help to make your garden a wildlife haven.

So why not treat yourself to a brilliant weekly read packed with all the gardening advice and inspiration you could need? Subscribe to Amateur Gardening today for just £6 for 6 issues and take advantage of our amazing summer sale offer. With savings of 49% on the standard cover price, it's too good a deal to miss! 

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7 reasons to subscribe to Amateur Gardening magazine

  1. It’s packed with practical information and step-by-step guides to help make you a better gardener.
  2. Its experts are qualified horticulturalists with unrivalled expertise.
  3. Most weekly issues come with a free pack of seeds (UK subscribers only) worth at least £2, so you don’t even have to buy seeds!
  4. It has the most authoritative information on the best plants to buy.
  5. It has an interactive Q&A section that will actually answer your personal gardening question on the day that you send it in (by email). No other magazine does that.
  6. Become part of our friendly gardening community where experts and readers alike are keen to help and share experiences through the pages of the magazine.
  7. Never miss an issue as every copy of your magazine will be delivered direct to your door.

Take out a subscription to Amateur Gardening today and you'll receive 6 issues for just £6, an amazing saving of 49%. It's the best way to ensure you don't miss out on any of this expert gardening content. Terms and conditions apply. 

Garry Coward-Williams
Garry Coward-Williams

Garry has been the editor of the world’s oldest gardening magazine for the last four years, delivering weekly practical content to a vast audience of garden enthusiasts of all abilities. There is always something to do in the garden, even in the depths of winter, and most of his time out of work hours is devoted to improving his own garden. His passions are growing potatoes in borders and containers, fighting a constant battle to keep his various climbing roses pest-free, making the best home-made compost and more recently creating a rock garden. In the last year he's also planted an ornamental cherry and transplanted six copper beeches to a better site.