8 garden wedding decor buys you need to celebrate in style

Getting married in your garden? Here are some lovely garden wedding decor finds that you can buy online, to decorate your garden with ease – and on a budget...

Ginger Ray garden wedding decorations
(Image credit: Ginger Ray)

Searching for some garden wedding decorations to buy? Whether you are getting married in your own garden this year – like Stacey Solomon is – or perhaps it's the outdoor space at your venue you are hoping to decorate? Either way, you'll need some help adding some style to a plain lawn and some boring fencing. This way you'll walk down the aisle, dine in the sun and dance the night away under the stars in a place you love, that's decorated to perfection.

We've been doing some shopping to find the loveliest garden wedding decor buys online, all of which happen to be surprisingly budget-friendly and also very chic. We are talking about everything from a photo backdrop for those all-important Instagram pictures to outdoor lighting for pathways and tables, and even garden games for younger guests. There's some serious inspiration to see below, and you might want to check it out fast before this stuff sells out – it's unsurprising to hear that weddings are booked up more than ever this year, and next...

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1. This beautiful faux flower backdrop for photos 

Ginger Ray White Faux Flower Wedding Day Photobooth Backdrop Wall Decoration Rustic Country

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)
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Ginger Ray White Faux Flower Wedding Day Photobooth Backdrop Wall Decoration Rustic Country | £15 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
How cute is this photo backdrop? Hang it from a pergola, to cover an unused doorway or over a brick wall for the perfect photo taking opportunity. It has over 800 positive reviews for good reason, while it measures 2 metres wide by 1.8 metres high. You could even just use it to hide something unsightly in your garden that you don't want your guests to see, e.g. your bin shed...

2. Some bottle fairy lights – for lighting up your garden come dark

LE Bottle Lights with Cork

(Image credit: LE)
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LE Bottle Lights with Cork | £9.99 for 20 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
These clever lights let you transform ordinary bottles – or jars – into something extraordinary, and they are battery-powered. Perfect for using with decorative bottles of gin, mason jars and pretty bottles of Champagne, they make lovely table decorations. Or, you could use them to light a pathway. An easy way to light up your garden come sundown, without having wires draped everywhere – and they will look nice in photos.

3. Buy this noughts and crosses set for the kids (and the kidults!)

Ginger Ray Wedding Garden Games Outdoor Noughts & Crosses

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)
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Ginger Ray Wedding Garden Games Outdoor Noughts & Crosses | £14.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Make the most of having a garden wedding party with some good ol'outdoor games. Noughts and crosses is a classic, and this set will be sure to keep the kids who are invited entertained for hours. It's also surprisingly pretty, while it measures one metre squared so as not to take up too much of your lawn.

3. This personalisable neon sign to hang above the top table 

ZanvisNeon Wedding NEON SIGN for reception

(Image credit: ZanvisNeon)
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ZanvisNeon Wedding NEON SIGN for reception | From £35.73 at Etsy (opens in new tab)
How lovely is this neon sign? Personalise it with your soon-to-be surname and hang it in your venue. It'll look lovely above your top table or on a fence, to be used as a photo backdrop. You can even choose its colour and font to fit in with the theme of your wedding.

4. These wooden chair signs for the Groom and Bride

Ginger Ray Natural Wooden Bride and Groom Chair Signs

(Image credit: Ginger Ray)
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Ginger Ray Natural Wooden Bride and Groom Chair Signs | £12.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Since you'll be sitting outside, it might be hard to decorate your top table to differentiate it from the other tables. Make a start with these chair signs to hang on the Bride and Groom chairs – they are made of wood and totally lovely for boho weddings. Simple yet very effective!

5. These very long fairy lights – for wrapping around or hanging from trees

Essential Connect Warm White Connectable Fairy Lights

(Image credit: Lights4Fun)
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Essential Connect Warm White Connectable Fairy Lights | From £12.99 at Lights4Fun (opens in new tab)
So, these fairy lights come in a range of lengths – from 10m to 60m – as well as different colours. Get outside and measure your garden, or the space you want to light up, and buy some for your alfresco wedding. They can be popped on a six-hour timer, too, for ease of use, while they boast eight lighting effects. You can also choose for them to be battery-powered or plugin. Whatever suits you and your garden.

6. These wooden table place card holders that shouldn't blow over in the wind

The Twiddlers Pine Wood Table Place Card Name Holders

(Image credit: The Twiddlers)
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The Twiddlers Pine Wood Table Place Card Name Holders | £13.49 for 50 (opens in new tab)
These place card name holders come in a pack of 50, while you can also use them for labelling food and more if you are having a buffet. They are great for garden weddings since they'll fit in with the theme, while they should be naturally a bit weighty to stand against the wind. They are also a bargain...

7. This Polaroid frame for hanging from a tree – or stand – for photos

Ginger Ray Botanical Wedding Polaroid Frame | £15 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Make your own photo booth outdoors with help from this personalised Polaroid-shaped frame. Hang it from a tree branch or from a stand (we suggest a clothing rail) and personalise it with your names, then stand behind it to snap a few photos. It measures 72cm in height and 60cm in width.

8. Hang these curtain fairy lights from a pergola for a breathtaking effect

Lepro 306 LED Curtain Fairy Lights

(Image credit: Lepro)
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Lepro 306 LED Curtain Fairy Lights | £22.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Use these curtain fairy lights to light up your garden come nighttime. They could be hung from a pergola, draped across a doorway, hung from a roof and much more – they are pretty versatile. They will need to be plugged in, though they do have a three-metre cord. Eight light settings mean you can customise them from dinner to dancing, while they are child and pet safe, too.

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