Never use a BBQ on top of artificial grass, experts warn

Don't make this mistake if you want to keep your artificial grass looking lush this spring

artificial grass
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Artificial grass sometimes gets a bad rep, but for some small garden ideas, particularly if you have young kids, it’s simply a great solution. No mowing, convincing good looks and a neat lawn all year round are certainly big selling points. 

When it comes to looking after your artificial lawn in the warmer months, however, there’s one thing you want to avoid. We asked experts for their thoughts to help you keep your low-maintenance lawn alternative looking immaculate, whatever the weather.

Don’t let hot items like barbecue ash touch the grass

artificial grass

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As we gear up for some outdoor socializing and with the best BBQs, it’s important to remember that artificial grass and high temperatures do not mix. Avoid letting anything hot touch your artificial grass to avoid marks. ‘At all times, prevent fire and hot items like BBQ ash or coal or any burning substance from getting into contact with the fiber,’ says Daniel Prendergast from Ultimate Grass.

artificial grass

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‘Although the fiber cannot catch fire, the heat can melt the grass,’ Daniel adds. ‘Fixing the melt is a possibility, but the evenness of the grass will be lost. It will be impossible to hide the blemish.’

artificial grass

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If you’ve invested in an artificial lawn for your family garden ideas, you’re going to want to keep it clean too. Any harsh substances could also damage the grass – but if you’re wondering what's best to use instead, Adrian Buttress, Managing Director at PermaLawn can help. 

‘Regular care is crucial to keeping that lush and vibrant appearance. Use a light soap detergent, warm water, and a stiff brush,’ Adrian says. He adds that it’s important not to be too rough as this could damage the yarn, and to make sure to clean all detergent away with a hose pipe afterward.

It’s also a good idea to remove any twigs and debris regularly, as when stepped on they can puncture the surface. One way of making this less of a problem is to trim back your hedges and any overhanging trees.

artificial grass

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Ensuring good drainage is another thing to bear in mind before laying fake grass. If this is overlooked, it can be a real headache further down the line. 'Seriously, don’t skip out on this!' warns gardening expert Gena Lorainne from Fantastic Services

Gena suggests you 'dig a deeper soakaway at the front of your lawn and fill it with rubble. Then cover everything using the usual 75mm sub-base.' This makes a small underground reservoir to hold water in the event of heavy rainfall. If you're not sure, we recommend hiring a qualified professional to ensure the grass will last for many years to come.

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