Garden experts warn against walking on your patio on January 29th – here's why

Slippery Decking Day is approaching – this is what you need to remember when your garden is at its 'peak slipperiness'

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Deckings come with an abundance of benefits. They offer a space to host, relax and act as a talking point in any garden. However, in all their greatness, they come with an accident risk – that is particularly evident at this point in the year. 

And, while the entirety of winter offers a heightened risk, garden experts have labeled January 29th as Slippery Decking Day 2022. 

On this date, all contributing slip factors align, meaning your decking and patio are at their most dangerous. So, if you've got some new decking ideas to tick off your to-do list, the experts recommend waiting until the 30th, at least. 

What is Slippery Decking Day?

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According to Gripsure, the non-slip decking company behind Slippery Decking Day, your decking reaches 'peak slipperiness' on January 29th. On this date, it is likely that the timber and composite decking boards will be wet or icy. They also expect your patio will be 'dangerously slippery' as a result of the build-up of algae and leaves over the season. 

And, if the slipping risk wasn't enough, Gripsure adds that the shortened daylight hours pose a further threat to gardeners. Slippery Decking Day also falls on a Saturday – a day when people are most likely to spend time on their deckings.  

With these factors combined, it is the day when even the best decking is at its most treacherous.

Snowy decking

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'It's fair to say that at Gripsure, we're obsessed with the slipperiness of decking. We understand the combination of factors that can make decking dangerous because it's what we've been tackling for more than a decade,' explains Gripsure's Managing Director Mike Nicholson. 

Mike adds that while they created Slippery Decking Day as a 'light-hearted event,' it has serious undertones – and hopes to raise awareness around the dangers of decking. 

'We hope Slippery Decking Day will make people think about changes they can make to enjoy their gardens all year round safely,' he adds. 

How can you stay safe during Slippery Decking Day? 

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The Director at Composite Prime, Charles Taylor, revealed some ways to stay safe on January 29th – and beyond. 

He recommends investing in slip-resistant materials such as composite decking with 'numerous safety aspects. [These include] fire ratings, slip resistance, and anti-fungal properties. It also does not rot, splinter, or decay.'

When looking at how to build a decking, many people opt for timber. However, Charles warns that this material requires annual painting and staining – and can become slippy. 

'Composite, however, is a fuss-free eco-friendly option, created using a combination of recycled plastics and 100% FSC certified wood flour – a waste product of hardwood production,' he says. 

If you've already built your decking, remember to tread carefully on January 29th.

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