This is when to buy a real Christmas tree – so it will flourish throughout the festive season

Mark your calendars: this is the exact day to invest in the holiday staple, according to the experts

Real Christmas tree with lights and decorations
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If you are planning to invest in a real tree this year, there is a lot to consider. The question of when to buy a real Christmas tree is asked annually; however, this year, the demand is higher than ever. 

Combined with imported shortages in the UK, studies* suggest the desire for real Christmas trees has reached new heights this 2021 – with Google searches reaching record highs only last month. Therefore, timing is key. 

So what do the experts suggest? Here, those in the know reveal exactly when to invest in a tree, no matter what types of Christmas tree you're looking to buy for the festive season. 

This is exactly when to buy a real Christmas tree – according to those in the know 

Real Christmas tree with lights and decorations

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Liam Lapping, the Chief Operating Officer at Flowercard, explains the day you buy your Christmas tree is ‘one of the most important decisions’ of the season. 

With many different varieties of tree available, you would be forgiven for thinking the decision depends on the tree itself. However, the exact day of when to buy a real Christmas tree depends less on the variety – and more on the day you want to take your decorations down. 

‘If you take your Christmas tree down straight after New Year’s Eve, then you should buy your tree on November 28th,’ Liam begins. ‘If you take your Christmas tree down on Twelfth Night, then you should buy your tree on December 2nd.’

Real Christmas tree with lights and decorations

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Liam explains that real Christmas trees usually last between five to six weeks if you follow the correct advice on how to keep a Christmas tree alive, so ‘it’s important to buy at the right time ‘to avoid a sad-looking, needleless tree.’

However, considering the Christmas tree shortage problems, it may be tricky to receive your tree on these exact dates this year. Evie Lane, a Gardening Expert at Primrose, adds that customers should ‘pre-order their tree early to guarantee the Christmas they’re hoping for,’ adding that buying locally may offer your best chance of success. 

‘We worry that this money could be wasted when deliveries can’t be made in time for the festive season,’ she adds. 

Real Christmas tree with lights and decorations

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You now know when to buy a real Christmas tree, but when should you take it down?

Liam says you should remove your decorations on January 6th. 'This is known as Epiphany and is the official end of the festive season,' he explains. 'If you have a real Christmas tree and it’s looking a little worse for wear there is no harm in taking it down early - no one wants a needleless tree.'

As November 28th quickly approaches, we’re considering our outdoor Christmas decor ideas now – to guarantee the festive setting our homes and gardens deserve. Now, it’s time to get ahead of the crowd.  

*Google trends study by Primrose. 

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