When to water after applying weed and feed: top tips for your turf

Get the greenest of grass by learning when to water after applying weed and feed

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It's important to know when to water after applying weed and feed to get the best results for your grass. 

This multi-action lawn care product can make your turf greener and healthier, all while tackling weeds. Watering incorrectly afterwards, however, can make it ineffective, or even become a safety risk for children or pets. Our guide explains all, so you can get it right, every time.

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Weed and feed products can help you get a luscious lawn, fast

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What is weed and feed?

Weed and feed is the term for multipurpose lawn products that combine both fertilizer and herbicide in one. This means that they give lawns a boost in nutrients while eradicating existing weeds. Some also contain a moss killer – this will turn the moss black which then requires raking out.

They can be both granular or liquid, and, understandably, are tempting for those looking for low maintenance garden ideas. They are best applied as part of your spring lawn care routine, to get your turf looking tip-top for summer.

However, many gardeners and experts advise against using weed and feed where possible, advocating the use of two separate products instead. One of the key reasons for this is, as LawnSmith puts it – is that 'the best time to feed is rarely the best time to weed.'

Ideally, lawns should be fed early on in the growing season. Many weeds have not fully developed by this point, so won't be eradicated. So, by using a weed and feed, you'll be adding unnecessary chemicals into the ground, they say.

However, if you do decide to use one for a quick fix, it's important to apply it correctly. This means following the packet instructions carefully, and knowing when to water the grass before and after.

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You can get granular or liquid weed and feed products

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When to water after applying weed and feed

There are all kinds of weed and feed products on the market – you'll find plenty on Amazon, for instance. Generally, all need to be applied to damp grass. They should then be watered in – but not straightaway, to give them a chance to be absorbed into the leaves.

The experts at RoLawn say to leave it to work for a day without watering it. Check the forecast, too, to ensure it won't rain straight after you've applied it.

After that, if the weather stays dry, water it in thoroughly – your best garden sprinkler will come in handy here. LawnSmith agrees to wait a while before watering in weed and feed, advising to water it off the leaves and into the soil after two or three days from application.

Keep children and pets away from the area for safety, and avoid walking on it until it has been watered in. And don't put your lawn mower to use until at least three days have passed after application, RoLawn adds.

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Water before you apply weed and feed, and then a day or so afterwards

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