Best garden sprinkler: keep your lawn looking great

We’ve found the best garden sprinklers to keep your lawn looking its best all summer

Best garden sprinkler
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If you have a lawn, the best garden sprinkler is pretty much an essential. Yes, you can water a lawn without one, but to get the job done evenly a sprinkler is really useful, and better for the soil underneath. Put down fresh turf? Keeping it well watered is a must and sufficient rainfall definitely isn’t something you can rely on.

A garden sprinkler will also prove a huge time and effort saver as you can set the sprinkler going while you get on with something else – and we’re sure you have plenty of other tasks on your to-do list.

The best garden sprinklers will create an even spray without wasting water. They’ll also be stable in use. And of course the coverage will be suitable for your garden. We’ve rounded up the very best options around, so scroll down to find the top choices, then check out our guide to the best garden hose

The best garden sprinkler

3 Argos Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler

(Image credit: Argos)

1. Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler

Best all-round sprinkler: even coverage whatever your water pressure and the fact that it’ll cope with a large area make this our number one

Best for : Big lawns
Coverage: 180 square metres
Reasons to buy
+Even coverage+Waters full or part rectangle+Two-year guarantee
Reasons to avoid
-Not our favourite colour, but we’re nitpicking

Whether you’re caring for a parched lawns or new turf or grass seed, we reckon you’ll be delighted with this easy-to-use design.

Water pressure

We like the fact that this sprinkler can cope with water pressure from 1 to 10 bar without compromising its even coverage.

Big gardens

With coverage of 180 square metres this sprinkler is ideal if you have a big lawn to water, and it can be adjusted to water a part rectangle as necessary.

Staying stable

Less than level lawn to look after? The sled base of the sprinkler will help it stay stable.

Buy the Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler

Robert Dyas sprinkler

(Image credit: Robert Dyas)

2. Draper 17 Hole Oscillating Sprinkler

Best-value sprinkler: great coverage and an easy to adjust design at a low price point

Best for: Bargain-hunting gardeners
Coverage: Up to 250 square metres
Reasons to buy
+Comes with nozzle-cleaning needle+17 holes+Comes with nozzle-cleaning needle
Reasons to avoid
-Looks lightweight

This oscillating sprinkler gives generous coverage and it’s easy to adjust so you’ll get plenty for your money.

Made to last

This design is made from impact-resistant plastic and aluminium so you can keep tending your grass for years to come.

Cleaning needle

Sprinkler nozzles can get blocked over time, but this version comes with a needle so you can clean them out easily.

Long range

With a coverage of up to 250 square metres, this will evenly spray many gardens without even needing to be repositioned.

Buy the Draper 17 Holes Oscillating Sprinkler

Hozelock Round Sprinkler Plus

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3. Hozelock Round Sprinkler Plus

Best round sprinkler: keep circular areas in great shape – even large ones – with a sprinkler that produces a jet or mist

Best for: Round lawns
Coverage: Up to 254 square metres
Reasons to buy
+Even coverage+Easy to adjust+Different spray settings
Reasons to avoid
-Your lawn's a small rectangle

This is a flexible design that’s ideal for keeping plants as well as grass well watered, and it’ll cope with large gardens.

All round

This four arm rotating sprinkler has a maximum coverage of up to 18m diameter and up to 254 square metres.

Spray settings

As well as caring for your lawn and established plants with the jet spray, you can also set the sprinkler to mist delicate plants and seedlings.

No fuss

Just turn the knob to change the setting – easy. The sled mount should keep it in place on the grass.

Buy the Hozelock Round Sprinkler Plus

Wickes sprinkler

(Image credit: Wickes)

4. Wickes Eight Pattern Garden Hose Pipe Sprinkler

Best low priced sprinkler: a pop-it-in-your-basket model to help you care for a smaller garden

Best for: Occasional use
Coverage: Not stated
Reasons to buy
+Brilliant price+Adjustable range+Eight spray patterns
Reasons to avoid
-Won’t suit dedicated lawn tenders

If you’re looking for a sprinkler that will sort out parched patches of lawn when rain’s in short supply, check out this little number.

Make an adjustment

There are eight modes available from this sprinkler and you can adjust the water flow as well. It’ll deliver a maximum of 879 litres of water per hour for 3 bar water pressure.

Cheap and cheerful

This design’s made from plastic alone, and doesn’t have the metal components some of our other choices do. But we’re not complaining at this price.

Join in

The sprinkler is compatible with most click-fit 3/4 inch watering systems.

Buy the Wickes Eight Pattern Garden Hose Pipe Sprinkler

B&Q Verve 3 in 1 Oscillating Sprinkler

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5. Verve 3-in-1 Oscillating Sprinkler

Best easy-to-use sprinkler: choose between three functions and care for up to 150 square metres

Best for : Simple operation
Coverage: 150 square metres
Reasons to buy
+Durable+Compatible with standard fittings+Generous coverage
Reasons to avoid
-You have delicate plants to care for

This smart looking plastic design doesn’t make things complicated and you can adjust the spray of water easily.

Colour combo

OK, it’s a garden sprinkler, but we can still appreciate its aesthetic qualities and this is a pleasing design in green and grey.

Fitting in

The sprinkler is compatible with all standard hose connector fittings so you can get going with lawn care with no hassle.

Big plot

There’s coverage for 150 square metres, so it’ll cope with a range of different garden sizes.

Buy the Verve 3 in 1 Oscillating Sprinkler

Kärcher PS300 Pulsating Sprinkler

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6. Kärcher PS300 Pulsating Sprinkler

Best sprinkler for stability: this design will cope with uneven and sloping ground with its ground spike

Best for: Challenging gardens
Coverage: Up to 706 square metres
Reasons to buy
+Waters big areas+Designed to be stable+Compatible with click systems
Reasons to avoid
-Your garden’s tiny

Anchored with a spike, this sprinkler is ideal if you have sloping areas to water or your lawn isn’t bowling green flat.

Stay in place

Rather than sitting on top of the ground, this sprinkler is a spike design and you won’t have to worry about it toppling over, or tumbling down a slope.

Flexible friend

Adjust the spray angle to water underneath trees, and set the watering area from 30 to 360º.

Universal compatibility

You can use this sprinkler with all the available click systems.

Buy the Kärcher PS300 Pulsating Sprinkler

How to buy the best garden sprinkler

Think coverage

To get the job done as efficiently as possible you’ll want a sprinkler with coverage to suit your garden. Some promise even coverage whatever your water pressure, but bear in mind that with others you may get less coverage if your water pressure is relatively low.

Look for adjustability

It’s useful to be able to adjust the sprinkler jets so you’re not watering anything other than the lawn or plants – in other words, paths, the drive, the fence and so on.

Think about stability

A pancake flat garden shouldn’t prove a problem, but if yours isn’t look for a base that will be stable or go for a sprinkler with a spike

What is the best garden sprinkler?

If you're in need of a quick recap, we’d recommend the Hozelock Rectangular Sprinkler as the best garden sprinkler. It's stable, covers a large area and the fact it has a rectangular spray pattern makes it suitable for most lawns.

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