This fuss-free patio cleaner transformed my garden in hours – and it's on sale

Searching for a patio cleaner? We've got just the suggestion and it has been tried, tested and loved by the Gardeningetc team

eco paving used as patio from Bradstone
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If you are searching for a patio cleaner to revive, transform or spruce up an otherwise old patio that you don't fancy painting – or worse, replacing – then keep reading. The Gardeningetc team has been busy testing a range of garden essentials, and this genius patio cleaner is by far the most impressive – so far, that is. We tested this patio cleaner on a smaller area first, just to see if it would work, and after seeing the results we decided to go over it once more. The outcome? A fresh patio that not only looks clean but, more impressively, it was a fuss-free job. We didn't even have to use a pressure washer to see results. 

What's this game-changing product called? It's the Jeyes Fluid 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power (opens in new tab). This patio cleaner has a 4.5-star Amazon rating for good reason, mostly because it's so easy to use and also because it's a bargain price to pay to rid your patio of mould, green algae and whatever else is growing on there. It's also on sale at Amazon right now! 

All you need to do for it to work its magic is clean and sweep your patio so it's free of debris, dilute the cleaner and then pour the solution over your patio. Leave it for a few hours, rinse it with water and wait for it to dry to see results. Repeat again if necessary. Yes, it's that easy!

Head to our popular best patio cleaners buying guide for more great suggestions, or keep scrolling for more info on the Jeyes Fluid 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power – and where you can get a hands on a bottle (or two) yourself.

Jeyes Fluid 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power – the results

I used the Jeyes Fluid 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power on my patio to clean it ahead of spring and summer. My patio was dirty and also had green algae growing on it, for the first time ever, so I was unsure as to how I could get rid of this. 

So, I went ahead and swept my space, diluted the solution and poured it over. With no access to a hose pipe connection, using a pressure washer wasn't even an option. So, I was more than pleased with the results. I repeated this process twice to get the results I am left with, and I am very glad I did. The Jeyes Fluid 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power will now be a staple in my (somewhat lacklustre) gardening arsenal, and I'll definitely use it year after year.

See the results from one use of this patio cleaner below...

Buy this amazing p...

Jeyes 4-in-1 Patio and Decking Power | £15 for 4 litres at Amazon (opens in new tab)
This cleaner isn't just great at cleaning patios, but it can also be used on decking – hence the name – as well as driveways, stone and concrete. It also will give you peace of mind since it claims to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria from your outside space. Whether you're buying to give your patio some TLC or to make a driveway look brand new, rest assured this Jeyes product can do the job. The proof is in the photos above...

Doing a deeper clean?

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