Log store ideas: 11 stylish designs that will keep firewood tidy outdoors

These log store ideas will protect your fire pit's fuel from the elements, plus they look great too

log store ideas: small log store with sections
(Image credit: Max Attenborough/Future)

If you love a good old fashioned fire to cozy up your space, then you'll need some log store ideas to keep your fuel in order. Luckily, there are plenty of designs available that aren't just practical but look fantastic too.

Perhaps our fire pit ideas have got you inspired for one of your own. Or, maybe you already had one, or a fireplace or chiminea. Either way, keeping your logs in top condition will ensure you get a good burn that doesn't plume with smoke. That means, they need to be protected from the elements and neatly stacked, rather than piled up in a heap on the ground. Of course, the former looks much better too and won't take up as much space. Plus, it's way more convenient when you need to grab a couple more logs or a piece or two of kindling.

From multi-purpose designs and clever built-in looks to small space solutions, there are all kinds of sizes and styles of log stores to choose from. We've rounded up some of our favorite ideas to help get you inspired for your own garden.

11 stylish log store ideas for your backyard

Ready to give your firewood a stylish new home? There's bound to be a look you love from this mix.

1. Make organization easy

sectioned log store from garden trading

This Moreton cross log store from Garden Trading will keep your kindling and larger logs separate

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Wood-fuelled outdoor heating ideas generally need kindling as well as logs to get a good glow going. So, when it comes to choosing your log store, picking a design that has separate sections for the two is a wise move. This will make it a breeze to grab whatever you need quickly next time you go to light a fire, plus it will look super smart too. 

We love this contemporary, cross-shaped design made from blackened, weatherproof spruce – a great pick for a modern plot. The galvanized metal top is the perfect finishing touch and could be used as an additional storage space or to display a row of potted plants.

2. Set an architectural tone with gothic details

gothic log store from the posh shed company

(Image credit: The Posh Shed Company)

Pick a log store that offers timeless charm with eye-catching architectural features. The gothic design shown above 'adds a stylish element to a product that is otherwise purely functional,' says Mike Sullivan, CEO of The Posh Shed Company. It 'can turn a less loved part of the garden into a pretty feature,' he adds.

It's practical as well as good looking: the wooden cedar shingles add tons of character whilst keeping the logs protected from rain and snow. Meanwhile, the base keeps the fuel safely away from the cold and damp ground, whilst allowing any excess moisture to escape.

A bold charcoal hue is a great way to make an on-trend statement for a modern garden. But, if it's not quite right for your style, you could choose a softer shade such as dusky rose or woodland green instead.

3. Keep your fuel close to your fireplace with a built-in design

log storage in modern outdoor fireplace

We love how the logs contrast against their surroundings in this modern scene

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti/Future)

An outdoor fireplace makes a stunning feature and is the ideal centerpoint for an entertaining zone. 

There are lots of styles to choose from – from rustic to modern. But whatever look you go for, having built-in storage sections for logs will always be convenient as it means you won't need to leave the space when the fire needs a top-up.

Don't forget about the aesthetic value of neatly-stacked logs, too. As demonstrated here, they can make a beautifully textural contrast against sleeker materials, so there's every reason to show them off.

You can find lots more lovely outdoor fireplace ideas in our guide.

4. Create a statement wall

log storage wall near patio with chair

A screen of logs can make a stunning garden divider

(Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies/Future)

If you've got lots of logs to store, you could try using them for an eye-catching garden wall idea

A sturdy timber structure, divided into sections, will provide the perfect divider between zones once filled up with firewood. Plus, the textural display will offer plenty of visual interest. Alternatively, position it along an existing boundary to hide a lacklustre fence or wall.

With a lick of paint you can bring even more style points to the scene – we're big fans of this charcoal shade for modern plots.

5. Save on space by storing logs beneath a bench

log storage beneath bench

A contemporary look that's great for small plots

(Image credit: A Garden/Alamy Stock Photo)

Logs are bulky things, and if you only have a small space to play with, this can be problematic. The trick is to think creatively about how to incorporate them into existing features, so that they don't take up any extra room.

This clever bench design is a case in point. Plus, the logs add a beautifully warm and organic tone against the neat timber-clad sides. If you recreate the look, add brightly-colored cushions for a stylish finishing touch, or go for textural neutrals for a pared-down yet elegant scene.

Need somewhere to store other outdoor bits and bobs, too? There are plenty more garden storage ideas in our feature.

6. Opt for multipurpose stools

log store stools by garden trading

Some log store designs can double up as seating – like this nifty stool and  bench from Garden Trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Speaking of clever storage solutions, how's this for an idea? Durable iron benches and stools like these are perfect for dotting around the fire pit at your next garden party. And, as you can see, they offer the added bonus of keeping your logs in order and within arm's reach.

Up the comfy factor with a couple of soft cushions and finish the scene with eye-catching container plants and a twinkling lantern or two. If you're looking for outdoor seating ideas that do two jobs at once, this may well be the way forward.

7. Pick a narrow style for smaller gardens

log store from garden trading

Choose a slimline design for small plots, such as the Aldsworth City Log Store from Garden Trading

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

If you're looking for alternative log store ideas that will work in a small garden, then thinking vertically is a practical approach.

A slimline design like this won't take up much floor space, making it easy to slot into even the tiniest of courtyards. And the slatted sides aren't just for visual appeal – they will help keep the logs ventilated.

The natural timber is perfect for a laid-back look, but of course you could always give it a coat of your favorite exterior paint for an extra dose of character. Our guide to the best exterior wood paints is a good place to start your search.

8. Look for fire pits with space for storage

fire pit with log store

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

There are lots of fabulous fire pit designs to choose from – in fact we've placed some of our top picks in our best fire pit buying guide. However, for smaller gardens, picking a design that incorporates log storage is a sensible choice.

Keeping the fire and the fuel together is super convenient. Plus, as you won't need to bring any other log store ideas into the mix, you can save on space elsewhere.

This design is made from steel, so is made to last. And, its sleek and stylish appearance will complement all types of backyard themes.

9. Give your coffee table a second use

logs beneath outdoor coffee table on modern patio

This Corten steel coffee table doubles up as a storage solution

(Image credit: Andreas von Einsiedel/Alamy Stock Photo)

We've talked about seating that doubles up as log storage, but how about a coffee table? 

This Corten steel design keeps logs neatly tucked away whilst offering a striking focal point to a patio. Attaching wheels beneath will boost the versatility of the piece even more, as will allow it to be moved to one side easily if and when needed.

If you have a few DIY skills up your sleeve and are looking for homemade log store ideas, you could have a go at making a similar design with pallets. And why stop there? Our guide on pallet furniture has more inspiring ideas.

  • Our DIY fire pit ideas are also worth a peruse if you're on the lookout for another weekend project.

10. Pair a log store with a shed

shed with log store from cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

A shed is a classic garden storage solution for keeping all your tools, pots and bags of compost safe, dry, and tidy. Of course they're not just for storage though, sheds can be decked out and used however you wish – whether that's as a luxurious she shed, an outdoor bar, or a hobby room for painting or knitting.

Whatever you use it for, picking one that has a built-in log store to one side saves you shopping for a separate design. Plus, it will provide ample space for your fuel – ideal if you have a fireplace or wood burner indoors as well as out.

You can find lots more shed ideas in our feature.

11. Pick a modular design and a bin store to match

chelwood modular log and bin store from garden trading

The Chelwood Modular log store and matching bin store, both from Garden Trading, make an attractive pairing

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

Picking a duo of matching storage solutions is an easy way to create a sense of harmony in your outdoor space. Take these bin and log stores, for example.

Both are made from weatherproof spruce and have shingled roofs in a contrasting tone. Whilst the log store features a raised, slatted platform to keep timber in tip-top condition, the bin store includes a door and lock and a lift-up roof for extra convenience.

Why not add them to your side garden ideas for a functional yet stylish way to make the most of the space?

Why should you keep logs dry?

As explained on Gov.uk, in the UK, wood certified as 'Ready to Burn' has a guaranteed moisture content of 20% or less. In fact, domestic wood fuel sellers can be fined if they've stored it in a way that has led to the moisture content being any higher.

But why is it so important to keep firewood dry?

Basically, burning wet wood produces more smoke, creosote, and other pollutants. 'By keeping logs dry, log burning efficiency is improved, which ultimately reduces the impact on the environment,' explains Mike Sullivan, CEO of The Posh Shed Company.

It's also much more difficult to get a good fire going with moist wood. What's more, a build-up of creosote in a chimney or flue can lead to a higher risk of chimney fires.

This is why it's so important to bring some good log storage ideas into your yard if you have a wood-fuelled fire. As Luxury Wood explains, a wooden store with a raised floor and slanted roof will help to protect the firewood. Generally the front of a log store will stay open – but even if it rains, 'you will find that it is only the front of the logs that get moist and these will quickly dry with the natural effect of the wind,' they say. However, 'Some log stores can be bought with a frontal door which is even better.'

Luxury Wood adds that bringing your wood inside for a while before using it can give you the best outcome of all. Either create a small stack of logs in the porch or conservatory or pop them in a log basket.

log store by cuckooland

(Image credit: Cuckooland)

Where should you position your outdoor log store?

Place your log store on a flat and even surface in, ideally, a place that's somewhat protected from driving rain.

Ventilation is important for a log store as it helps the wood to dry, ready for using. For this reason, try to provide space all around your log store if possible, even if it's just a couple of inches away from a garden wall or fence.

It's also a good idea to position your log store somewhere where it will get plenty of sun. Again, this is helpful for encouraging it to dry out.

Don't forget to put your log store somewhere that's easy to access, too. In the middle of winter you probably won't want to go all the way to the bottom of the garden every time you need to top up your fire.

small log store with sections

This small log store is great for organizing firewood and will keep it ventilated, too

(Image credit: Max Attenborough/Future)

What is the best type of log store?

'Look for log storage that has gaps or slats on every side to allow direct airflow all the way around,' advises Vicky Naylor, General Manager of ACR Stoves.

Vicky also suggests to opt for a weather-resistant roof that overhangs the contents of the log store to prevent moisture seeping into the logs. You'll also want to pick a raised design which keeps them safely off of the ground, as well as one that enables you to neatly stack them easily.

Of course, you'll want the look of your log store to complement your garden design, too. Hopefully, these log store ideas have proven that there are plenty of stylish options out there.

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