Best fire pit 2021: wood-burning and propane fire pits for your yard

Buy the best fire pit of 2021 for your yard with our guide, including propane and wood-fired pits and chimineas

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best fire pit
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Craving the warmth of a campfire, without the mess? The best fire pits of 2021 are here to help you make the most of your yard this summer, without scorching your prized lawn. 

Some of the best fire pits come with room for plenty of wood, with all the charm of a traditional crackling campfire and space for the whole family to gather around. There are also some excellent gas fire pits available, which run on propane and can be switched on for smoke-free, terrace-friendly operation. Some fire pits even come as inserts for outdoor furniture such as tables, meaning  you can pull up a chair and enjoy with your loved ones. 

In this guide you'll find all that and more, including decorative and safety-conscious fire bowls and globes. Check out the best gas grills for more outdoor essentials, and for the best fire pits of 2021, keep reading. 

Best fire pits 2021


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1. KINGSO Fire Pit

Best budget fire pit: classic design at an affordable price

Material: Alloy steel
Size: 22 x 22 x 20 inches
Style: Firepit bowl with mesh cover
Fuel: Wood
Reasons to buy
+Not too expensive+Amazon users love it+Mesh lid and poker included
Reasons to avoid
-The bowl can't be removed from the stand

The KINGSO Fire Pit scores rave reviews from Amazon shoppers, and at well under $100, we can see what the fuss is about. For a start, the fire pit comes with a mesh cover that can be used to keep the fire burning from a safe distance, or cover the ashes as they cool down. The fire pit includes a stand too, which does need to be screwed onto the bowl itself and cannot be removed. 

You can use a poker to toast marshmallows and make s'mores, With a length and width of 22 inches, it's a great size for most yards. 

Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches

(Image credit: Hampton Bay)

2. Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches

Best decorative fire pit: for those who want to make a statement, this fire globe is perfect

Material: Porcelain fire bowl, metal frame
Size: 33.85 in. x 32.67 in. x 35 in
Style: Fire globe
Fuel: Wood
Reasons to buy
+Safe design+Hinged lid to add fuel+Lovely decorative design
Reasons to avoid
-Assembly required

Charming and rustic, the Hampton Bay Briarglen Fire Ball with Tree Branches is a globe-shaped fire pit adorned with tree shapes that stand out against the mesh background. This will cast a lovely light and keep you safe from open flames as it burns. 

The bowl comes with a stand and a porcelain bowl insert to hold your firewood. It also has a generous hinged door that's easy to open and will fit plenty of wood. 

solo stove

(Image credit: Solo Stove)

3. Solo Stove Bonfire

Best smokeless fire pit: the smart design offers wood burning without the smoke

Material: Stainless steel
Size: Diameter 19.5 x Height 14 inches
Style : Smart and simple
Fuel: Wood
Reasons to buy
+Designed for minimal ash and smoke+At 20 pounds it's pretty portable+Stand included+Intense heat
Reasons to avoid
-Not the best looking

Solo Stove has amassed somewhat of a cult following in recent years with its smart range of smoke-free fire pits. How does it work? Well, the double-walled air intake is designed to minimise smokiness, while allowing for an intensely hot roaring wood fire. 

The Solo Stove Bonfire leaves minimal ash and has a simple and modest design, meaning it's perfect for taking on road trips or out camping. 

Elementi fire pit

(Image credit: Elementi)

4. Elementi Roca Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit

Best gas fire pit: this smart tabletop design is guaranteed to impress

Material: Concrete
Size: 34-in L x 34-in W x 15-in H
Style: Tabletop gas pit
Fuel: Propane
Reasons to buy
+Generous size+Table design makes it perfect for entertaining+Electric ignition
Reasons to avoid
-Open style means it shouldn't be left unattended

If you want to entertain, look no further than the Elementi Roca Grey Concrete Tabletop Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit. It's large and designed to be left in one place, which is why there's a fire pit cover included with your purchase. The concrete design won't rust as it ages, and you can simply ignite the propane fire pit electronically. 

You can use the rim of this fire pit as a table, making it perfect for placing drinks on while you enjoy the warmth of the fire. 

Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

(Image credit: Bali Outdoors)

5. Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit

Best fire pit for cooking: use in the place of a grill for wood-fired food on the go

Material: Steel
Size: 32 x 32 x 25 inches
Style: Grill fire pit
Fuel: Wood
Reasons to buy
+Use as a barbecue or a fire pit+Removable grill insert+360-degree design+Sturdy base and collapsible option included
Reasons to avoid
-Not the largest -No log storage

There's lots to love with the Bali Outdoors Wood Burning Fire Pit. It comes with a grill insert that swivels from directly above the fire to facing you and your guests. Use it to toast s'mores or grill hot dogs, whatever you fancy! 

The legs are sturdy and the bowl is deep enough to pack full of firewood for a long evening out in the yard. You'll also get a poker included, which is a nice bonus. 

best chiminea fire pit

(Image credit: Sunnydaze)

6. Sunnydaze Steel Outdoor Wood-Burning Chiminea

Best chiminea fire pit: for those who want a roaring fire with a little more protection

Material: Steel
Size: 19 in. Dia. x 22 in. W x 60 in. H
Style: Chiminea
Fuel: Wood
Reasons to buy
+Modern design+Tall and narrow+Will work in any space+Safer than a fire pit
Reasons to avoid
-Not so easy to toast marshmallows over as an open flame

Chimineas always make for a great spectacle, but they're also better suited to those with smaller yards or close neighbours. The smoke is directed up and out of the chimney design, meaning you can enjoy the warmth and glow from the fire without the fumes.

The Sunnydaze Steel Outdoor Wood-Burning Chiminea is a top pick. It's modern, tall and designed to increase air circulation to make the most of your firewood. 

What is the best fire pit? 

We think the KINGSO Fire Pit is a winner. It's reasonably priced and comes with a cover to keep kids or pets safe from the flames. 

If you want the best gas fire pit, look no further than the stylish table design of the Elementi Roca Concrete Natural Gas Fire Pit

Which is better, wood burning or propane fire pits? 

That depends. Some prefer the convenience of a gas fire pit, which burns clean and is easy to ignite and switch off, often electronically. 

Alternativly, a wood fired fire pit has a rustic charm that can't be replicated. They're also much better for toasting marshmallows and creating a classic campfire feel. 

There are more options out there for wood fired fire pits, and they are often cheaper. However, they can't be placed directly on the ground and certainly not on tiles or stone because they could discolor or even crack the base, and scorch your prized lawn. A gas fire pit won't do this, meaning you can place one on the porch and gather around with your chairs to enjoy drinks wherever you wish. 

Want to have a go at building your own fire pit from scratch? Head over to our guide on how to build a fire pit for all the advice you'll need to get started.