How to build a fire pit: keep warm on chilly nights

Rediscover old camping skills and learn how to build a fire pit to keep the party going outdoors

How to build a fire pit: group of adults sitting around a fire pit in a field
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Be prepared to carry on partying outside by learning how to build a fire pit. You can linger longer in the garden even after the sun’s gone down, throwing on another log to stay cosy as you toast marshmallows with the kids or simply lay back and count the stars.

If you don’t have one of the many stylish metal fire pits there are available, it's quite easy to safely fashion a fire pit yourself from stones or bricks on a cleared patch of ground. It's ideal for an impromptu alfresco gathering at home, or if you're camping at a suitable spot where you can have a fire.

Read on for a step-by-step guide from firewood supplier Kindwood on how to build summer-ready fire pit from bricks or stones, or if you'd prefer to invest in a ready-made one, keep scrolling for today's best deals. 

adults sat around a fire pit

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How to build a fire pit

How to build your own fire pit

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What you'll need:


1 First make a clearing. Ideally, fires should be constructed on bare dirt as it’s the safest terrain.

2 Dig a dent into the ground where you want to build your fire pit. The centre should be the lowest point to allow for the best fire control and to act as a container for the ashes afterwards.

3 Collect medium-sized stones or bricks and position them in a circle around the dent. This will help set a boundary and contain the fire.

How to build your own fire pit

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4 Gather your tinder and kindling wood and make sure it’s dry. If you haven’t bought any, dry leaves, dry bark, small dry branches and twigs make a great substitute.

5 At the centre of your fire pit, build a small pile of tinder then stack the kindling in the shape of a teepee over it. Keep adding more until it takes a solid structure, then add the firewood against the pieces to strengthen the teepee. Leave a space in the wind’s direction so air can flow, and you can access the kindling to light it.

6 Keep something to hand that you can use to extinguish the fire as a precaution, such as a bucket of water.

How to build your own fire pit

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7 Using a gas lighter or long match, carefully light the tinder.

8 Keep adding new pieces of firewood as the fire burns and wood starts to disintegrate. Try to avoid overloading the fire as this will cause it to die.

9 When it’s time to put the fire out, gradually sprinkle water onto it. Save the buckets of water for large fires that must be put out immediately. As the fire dies down, use a long stick to mix the ashes and check that all of the embers are dying and put out. Once the ashes are cold, it’s fully out.

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