A couple has made a cozy DIY garden shelter out of fence panels

With its pizza oven and Aldi Kamado BBQ, this outdoor kitchen is perfect for alfresco entertaining

garden shelter a couple DIYed with wood
(Image credit: @swallows_in_the_window)

A couple has built their own DIY garden shelter for hanging out outdoors. Perfect for some alfresco dining this festive period, it's kitted out with the Aldi Kamado BBQ, a pizza oven, and some shelving for keeping glasses and drinks to hand.

So, if you've been considering some outdoor kitchen ideas to your own plot, be inspired by their cozy pergola.

DIY garden shelter

garden shelter a couple DIYed with wood

(Image credit: @swallows_in_the_window)

'We bought the kit to build the shelter from Jackson’s Fencing, and then built it ourselves,' Sarah tells us. The DIYer, gardener and interiors enthusiast shares photos of her home and garden on Instagram account @swallows_in_the_window.

She says that they made it out of a set of five fence panels (two for the back, one for the side, and two for the roof). Once the DIY garden shelter was up, Sarah built the kitchen units with the leftover pallets that the shelter arrived on. 

She also used some decking and pine paneling to tidy it up. Having built it in September, Sarah and her husband are determined to use it in all seasons. They're also hoping to cook gammon here in their outdoor kitchen on Christmas Day.


garden shelter a couple DIYed with wood

(Image credit: @swallows_in_the_window)

'It’s all painted in Cuprinol Urban Slate,' Sarah adds. This sophisticated dark gray color ties in with their existing outdoor furniture.

They have added some outdoor string light ideas and candles to make the shelter look extra inviting. The outdoor rug and soft furnishings add a sense of comfort and softness.

Previously, the space was just an empty area of paving, and we think the outdoor structure really makes the most of it. It's perfectly located a few steps from the back of the house, making it more enticing in the winter than if it were right down the bottom of the backyard.


garden shelter a couple DIYed with wood

(Image credit: @swallows_in_the_window)

The DIY garden shelter definitely lends itself to entertaining, with the pizza oven and BBQ positioned next to the outdoor dining table and chairs. If you're tight on space, you could try some outdoor bar ideas for evening soirées instead.

With the addition of a couple of outdoor heaters or a fire pit, you'd have a very cozy outdoor space for an outdoor Christmas dinner. Over the last year, we've spotted lots of creative outdoor kitchens, with people wanting to make the most of the great outdoors.

If you're thinking of making one in your backyard, you could even add a screen for extra privacy and protection from the elements.

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