Outdoor bar ideas: 10 ways to create a garden bar at home

Looking for outdoor bar ideas? Get that holiday feel at home with these inspiring ways to party in the garden

outdoor bar ideas with an outdoor bar from John Lewis
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Can't get to your favourite bar at the moment? With these outdoor bar ideas you can create your very own bar in the garden this summer, and we think now is a good a time as any to make it a reality! So pour yourself a gin and have a look through our outdoor bar ideas to get inspired to create one for yourself. 

We have rounded up 10 looks that will suit all styles and budgets, from DIY wooden bars to make you feel like your own bartender, to chic pieces of garden furniture for a more contemporary, Mediterranean vibe. There's also plenty of options in here too if you have a smaller garden, so get scrolling...

1. Use a DIY kit to build your own bar 

Wickes DIY garden bar

(Image credit: Wickes)

How cute is this Build Your Own Bar from Wickes? And we think it's a bit of a bargain at £350 too.

The kit comes with all the timber you need to build this impressive structure, plus all the wood has been treated with 10 year anti-rot, so if you look after it, it's going to last a few summers. You will need to get your hands on your own tools to put this thing together and you will have to do a bit of sawing to cut the wood to the right lengths, but we still think a patient novice could build it no problem. 

You can paint it too so it better suits your style and the colour scheme you have in your garden. 

2. Or just buy a fully formed garden bar...

John Lewis outdoor bar

(Image credit: John Lewis)

And if you don't trust your DIY skills, John Lewis sell this glorious Honolulu bar (their words not ours). It's definitely got a bit of tiki vibe but that's fine in our book as it's more of a classy, grown-up take on tiki. We love how it's been styled here with plenty of neutrals tones and dark greys – not a coconut cocktail in sight. 

3. Go for a colourful Ibiza vibe with your outdoor bar 

John Lewis patio area with a garden bar

(Image credit: John Lewis)

If you are after a more contemporary outdoor bar, this is a great little set up, perfect for smaller gardens too. This is the John Lewis marble-effect garden bar table and is has all you need for alfresco drinks – three compartments for ice, fruit and bottles, a built-in chopping board and a shelf for glasses. The whole top can slide over the compartments too to keep it all cold.

Bring the whole look together by painting a wall or fence in a nice bright hue and picking out some colourful bar stools

4. Decorate your outdoor bar with cute accessories 

Not on the High Street garden bar

(Image credit: Not on the High Street )

Decorating your outdoor bar is as important as the bar itself. String up the fairy lights and bunting and use your bar accessories to add some personality to it too. See how these letterings from Not on the High Street turn a bar made from an old cable reel into something very cool and rustic. Love those pink bar chairs too, you can find something similar Sklum

5. Create a relaxed boho feel with plenty of cushions 

Lights4fun outdoor living room

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

You can create an outdoor bar kind of vibe without having to build a physical bar in your garden too. Use cushions and rugs, plus plenty of low, glowy lighting to add to a lovely relaxed feeling, basically like a living room but outside! Serve up some G&Ts and you could be in a terrace in the south of France... almost. 

6. Turn your dining table into a makeshift outdoor bar 

John Lewis outdoor dining set up

(Image credit: John Lewis)

Another nice easy and cheap way to add an outdoor bar is to use a table you already have. Throw over a tablecloth and then just spend some time decorating the table. Jar drinks dispensers are always a winner, as are nice glasses, jugs and cocktail shakers. Add some candles and some small vases of flowers and there you are – an outdoor 'bar' using bits you probably already have. 

7. Roll out a drinks trolley for a portable outdoor bar idea

Garden Trading outdoor drinks trolley

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

Take your bar with you where ever you go in the garden, thanks to a drinks trolley. Saves you having to keep going into the house to top up drinks and looks very stylish too. This one is from Garden Trading and is designed to be used outside so won't rust, it carries a lot too – pop your bottles and mixers on the bottom and then glasses and ice on the top. Great for small gardens too, and come winter just incorporate it into your living room or kitchen. 

8. Create an outdoor grab-and-go drinks station 

Garden trading drinks trough

(Image credit: Garden Trading )

If you are after a place to keep your drinks cold and accessible outside, a metal trough filled with ice is an old-school trick. This is a planter from Garden Trading that's made to fit inside one of their bar tables, but you could do it on a budget by just using an old planter you have. Surround the planter with stones and potted plants so it blends into your garden a bit too. 

9. An easy outdoor bar idea? Use a high table and bar stools 

Garden Trading outdoor bar

(Image credit: Garden Trading)

A quick way to create an outdoor bar is to pick out some bar stools and a high table to pop on your patio or decking area. You can always bring them inside too during the winter for some extra surface space and seating in the kitchen. This set is also from Garden Trading  – it's the table that fits the planter we mentioned above. Very chic and simple. The chairs are their Lymington bar chairs , a classic rattan design that's going to last you loads of summers so worth the investment. 

10. Turn a summer house (or even a shed) into an outdoor bar 

Lights4fun summer house

(Image credit: Lights4fun)

If you have got a summer house that's seen better days or one that you just don't use that much anymore, give it a new lease of life and turn it into an outdoor bar. Give it a good clean, a new coat of paint and then just get decorating. Add some fairy lights and some lanterns, use a table for the 'bar' and make the space comfy with cushions and throws. 

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