Concrete patio ideas: 11 poured, paved and polished concrete floors for modern plots

These concrete patio ideas are perfect for achieving an on-trend and industrial look for your outdoor space

concrete patio ideas with pool and modern furniture
(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

Want to give your backyard a super-cool edge? You can't go wrong with concrete patio ideas. They offer a sturdy base for your garden furniture or outdoor kitchen, are easy on the wallet, and due to their industrial finish, look effortlessly on-trend.

Concrete is also a winning choice if you're looking for low-maintenance patio ideas. All it needs is a good scrub now and then to get it back to looking its best, whilst a fresh coat of (inexpensive) sealant every few years will help it last longer.

As Lee Dunderdale, Product Manager at Bradstone says, due to concrete's hard-wearing nature, it also makes a perfect choice for patios required for entertaining. So, if you love to host guests alfresco in style, then this may well be the best patio option for you.

Concrete patio ideas: 11 stylish designs

Ready to discover lots of stunning concrete patio ideas to get you inspired for your own backyard? We've rounded up some of our favorite looks below.

1. Match the walls to the floor for an uber-modern vibe

concrete floor and wall in garden with seating and table from Dobbies

An on-trend look from Dobbies

(Image credit: Dobbies)

Looking to make a striking impact with your small patio ideas? Then a brilliantly brutalist design like this might be the way forward. It's full of fuss-free urban charm and provides the ideal backdrop for a chic selection of furniture.

Such a stripped-back look allows every detail to be appreciated fully – so pick accessories and foliage with careful consideration. The sculptural vase centerpiece and flourishes of bamboo here make good examples.

In keeping with the pared-down theme, opt for recessed patio lighting ideas. It's subtle by day yet will cast an enticing glow when night falls.

2. Create a seamless flow between indoors and out

polished concrete patio and steps

Polished concrete looks fabulous either side of this door

(Image credit: James Merrell/Future)

When warmer weather comes around, it's lovely to be able to throw your back doors wide open and embrace a sense of indoor-outdoor living. Mirroring the material of your concrete patio ideas either side of the door will help to enhance the sense of flow.

Take this modern home for example, which champions the use of polished concrete all throughout the space for a sleek and cohesive finish. And, as seen here, a jumble of potted plants to adorn garden steps ideas will add an extra dose of character.

3. Combine with plenty of white for a sense of balance

concrete stairs and patio with parasol and furniture from Go Modern

A white parasol from Tribù at Go Modern Furniture helps to brighten up this scene

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

If you're concerned about a large stretch of concrete feeling a little severe, take a cue from the scene above. 

This outdoor dining set-up features deep grey concrete throughout – a hard-wearing base that looks great, too. And, because of all the white features that are dotted around the scene, it's harmoniously balanced and brightened. Plenty of foliage will continue to soften the style – whether you have space for a small tree or just a few pots. 

As you can see, the result is a striking yet welcoming space. Just remember to keep on top of the light maintenance required for it to continue to impress – our guide on how to clean a patio has all the tips you need.

4. Surround a chic pool

pool surrounding by concrete paving with modern furniture from Go Modern

Sleek surroundings allow the Tribù Senja large garden sofa from Go Modern Furniture to take the limelight

(Image credit: Go Modern Furniture)

Clean-lined pools complement concrete patio ideas well to evoke a contemporary vibe. Here, the duo allows the statement modular sofa to take center stage. 

We also adore how these pavers provide a contrast with the surrounding stone wall for a pleasing effect. Meanwhile, a backdrop of trees provides a boost of verdant color.

You can find non-slip sealants for concrete to give a stable footing – especially useful when using them around backyard pool ideas.

5. Pair a polished style with a luxurious cover

polished concrete and daybed

Poured and polished concrete is the perfect balance between utilitarian and luxurious

(Image credit: Andreas von Einsiedel/Alamy Stock Photo)

If you're not overly familiar with concrete patios, you may jump to the conclusion that they are anything but luxe. As it turns out, concrete can look really rather gorgeous. And, its subtle patina comes even more into its own once it's been polished.

This set-up highlights the beautiful simplicity of the material – we love how it balances the wooden structure overhead and the regal columns. The soft greys and timber tones are mirrored in the pared-down daybed too, which brings the whole look together effortlessly as well as providing a comfy place to relax.

Our patio cover ideas feature has plenty more inspo if you're looking to shelter your own seating space.

6. Add interest to a narrow spot

concrete pavers in narrow outdoor space with gravel

Stepping stone pavers and other funky features transform this narrow space

(Image credit: Matthew Williams/Future)

Stylish concrete patio ideas can be used in spaces of all shapes and sizes. Take this narrow and shadowy zone, for example.

Concrete pavers have been used as stepping stone ideas alongside textural gravel to provide tons of visual interest. Laid horizontally, they help to widen the space, too. 

Playful statues and jolly pots of blooms add extra personality to the scene, whilst a nifty table with fold-out stools provides a place to entertain outdoors. Something like this shouldn't be too expensive to recreate either, so would work well for budget patio ideas.

7. Go for large concrete pavers for an outdoor kitchen

alfa forni pizza oven in outdoor kitchen with concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are a practical choice for this outdoor kitchen, featuring a pizza oven from Alfa Forni

(Image credit: Alfa Forni)

Outdoor kitchen ideas are the new must-have in garden design for ultimate alfresco living. You just can't beat cooking up a storm whilst enjoying a warm summer breeze and views of nature. They're ideal for alfresco dinner parties, too, as will keep the chef in the heart of the social action rather than hidden away indoors.

As concrete patio ideas are so hard-wearing, they make a great base for these types of set-up where footfall will be heavy. These jumbo-sized pavers are modern and fun and complement a wide open space beautifully. We like how they've been offset with plenty of warm tones here too – from the impressive timber surroundings to the copper bar stools.

8. Go sleek and stylish for a porch

concrete flooring on porch

Polished concrete makes a smart impact for this porch

(Image credit: Jean-Philippe Piter/Future)

Raised concrete patio ideas can double up as stunning porches when covered by a veranda or awning. Polished pale grey will make a striking first impression and can easily be accessorized to channel a theme.

Try white railings, simple wall lamps and giant terracotta planters for a smart look with a hint of Mediterranean-chic. Our front porch ideas feature has lots more stylish scenes to get you inspired.

9. Pair with clean lines for a grown-up vibe

outdoor kitchen on concrete floor

A chic and sleek scene from The Worm That Turned

(Image credit: The Worm That Turned)

Black and pale grey is always a winning color combo for modern-style plots and will never go out of fashion. This outdoor dining and kitchen set-up demonstrates it to a tee.

It's a simple approach which leads to a light, airy, and very much in-vogue effect. Maintain a touch of play with the addition of subtly textured features – we adore how these chairs draw the eye with their woven finish.

A neatly-clipped hedge nearby can provide a good boost of privacy too. Although, if you're after alternatives, our garden screening ideas feature has lots more options.

10. Mix up the textures

patio with wooden seating and gravel

A rockery-inspired scene from Homebase

(Image credit: Homebase)

You don't have to stick to traditional designs when it comes to your concrete patio ideas; square concrete pavers provide all kinds of creative opportunity.

Try building them up into geometric blocks for a unique result. Fill the gaps with garden gravel ideas for an attractive contrast that's affordable and easy to install. Alternatively, opt for hardy low-growing foliage for a shot of green.

11. Give a kitchen garden a contemporary lift

mahina concrete paving from Bradstone in kitchen garden

Bradstone's Mahina concrete paving in dark grey looks great alongside these veg beds

(Image credit: Bradstone)

Raised garden bed ideas might conjure up whimsical images of cottage-style gardens at first thought. However, they can be given an urban edge with the addition of concrete pavers. These designs make a great juxtaposition against the woven edges of the beds, but would also complement sleeker designs perfectly. 

Their flecked appearance offers all the visual appeal of granite but for a more affordable price. And, they also make a practical pick; not only are they hardy but the subtle texture offers extra grip underfoot.

Is it better to use poured concrete or concrete pavers?

Both pavers and concrete make a great choice for patios, but there are some instances where one outweighs the other.

For a smooth and seamless look, you can't beat poured concrete, especially if it's polished. It also tends to be less expensive and quicker to install (although you'll have to wait around three weeks in-between it being freshly laid and polished to allow it time to 'cure').

However, pavers offer an easy opportunity to get creative. For instance, you can intersperse them with gravel or greenery for a unique look. Pavers can also be less susceptible to cracking than large stretches of paved concrete. And if they do, they're much easier to replace, which can save costs in the long run. Our guide on how much does a patio cost has more advice if you're budgeting for a new landscaping look.

bradstone mahina concrete raised patio with garden building

The Mahina concrete paving from Bradstone looks stunning on this raised space

(Image credit: Bradstone)
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