These Aldi paddling pools are all you need to keep kids entertained this summer

The Aldi paddling pools that will make summer so much more fun for the little ones

Intex Dinoland Play Centre from Aldi
(Image credit: Aldi)

These Aldi paddling pools are the perfect solution to staycation boredom – and to the intense summer heat that has (finally) arrived on our shores. With the heatwave set to last for at least another week, a paddling pool is a must to help kids cool off while still having fun.

And while even the best hot tubs will be off for now as it's just too hot to get in them, parents will easily find these spacious paddling pool designs enticing enough to enjoy splashing around with the little ones. From classic to quirky, these are the top paddling pool designs we're eyeing up at Aldi right now. 

1. The paddling pool that will remind them of the sea

Summer Waves 3D Family Pool from Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

If you're planning a garden staycation with the kids, then they (and you) are guaranteed to love the Summer Waves 3D Family Pool. It is printed with a sea life print on the inside, which creates a holiday vibe. 

It's a brilliant addition to your garden activities for kids this summer. Older kids who can swim will enjoy a snorkel, with a pair of swimming goggles provided. With these on, the print appears 3D. What we really like, though, is that the pool is large enough to hold all the family at once, so you can cool off while the kids explore. 

2. The paddling play centre with dinosaurs

Intex Dinoland Play Centre, Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

For something a bit different that will provide hours of fun, the Intex Dinoland Play Centre is like a mini aqua park in your back garden. There's a fun slide element, a dinosaur water sprayer, inflatable rings, and play balls for practising throwing. 

This one is also large-sized and holds up to 290 litres of water. They definitely won't get bored with this one for a good while. 

3. The cute unicorn with a sprayer

Intex Unicorn Spray Pool, Aldi

(Image credit: Aldi)

Very cute, and perfect for smaller children over the age of two, the Intex Unicorn Spray pool is less bulky than the other options, holding 165 litres of water. Very easy to set up in minutes, it simply connects up to the best garden hose. Place it alongside the best water table for kids and they'll be entertained all summer long. 

All of these options will require adult supervision at all times, but, especially the larger sizes are so much fun that you may well wish to get in yourself. 

More paddling pool summer fun

We love the Aldi paddling pools, but if they're not quite the right size or style for your outdoor space, there are plenty more deals available below. There's something for gardens (and budgets) big and small. Dive right in before they sell out.  

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