Here are the garden accessories everyone is buying on Amazon this year

The bestselling outdoor accessories are popular for good reason – what will you pick for your garden?

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Want to know what accessories everyone's buying for their gardens this year? Accessories can make a big difference, despite their often small cost. From cozy soft furnishings to joyful lights, these are the small touches that can really lift the look and feel of your outdoor space.

So, if it's fresh garden design ideas you're after, then you may choose to follow the many thousands of gardeners who have shopped for accessories on Amazon this year. 

The bestselling garden accessories everyone's buying on Amazon

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DIY website looked into over a hundred thousand searches for fall garden accessories on Amazon to determine which ones are the most popular. Unsurprisingly, string lights took the top spot, with a very impressive 115,000 searches. 

Outdoor string light ideas are popular year-round, but they are the most popular search right now, and we can see why. The pandemic made many of us want to spend much more time in our gardens, even during the darker months, and lights are one of the most important aspects of making a garden winter-friendly. 

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Blankets came in second, with 59,000 global searches on Amazon every month in 2021. Although the interest in blankets is quite a bit smaller than in lights, it's interesting that blankets have replaced patio heaters as the garden warm-up measure of choice. 

It may be that many people have been experiencing a milder autumn than usual, or it may just be that blankets are simply very stylish objects for the garden. As far as autumn outdoor living space ideas go, you can't go wrong with a fluffy, cozy throw.  

bird bath in traditional garden

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Finally, and perhaps less expectedly, bird baths made it into the third spot, with 51,000 searches, overtaking cushions, hanging chairs, and outdoor rugs in popularity. Bird baths are the perfect way to attract birds into your garden and make it more wildlife-friendly, but they also add a relaxed, rustic charm to a garden design. We've got plenty of bird bath ideas in our feature if you need some inspiration.

All these top choices point to a desire for a fall garden that is cozy and chic, but also easy-going, with accessories that can be easily removed or swapped out for something more summery come spring. We're all for it.

Anna writes about interior design and gardening. Her work has appeared in Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, and many other publications. She is an experienced outdoor and indoor gardener and has a passion for growing roses and Japanese maples in her outside space.