Black bottom pools are the divisive new backyard trend you need to know about

Pool design is going to the dark side

swimming pool with dark bottom
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A glittering pool of crystal clear water out in the backyard is a luxury many of us only dream of. But rather than choosing classic azure blue and white mosaic tiles or concrete, some bold homeowners are turning to black bottom pools.

There are all kinds of pool design ideas out there, and these moody and modern pools are becoming increasingly popular. We take a look at the love-it-or-hate-it garden trend.

dark indoor pool

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There's dramatic black at one end of the scale, and other dark hues like deep blue and gray that work as a more subtle nod to the trend. Whichever color you choose, a dark bottom pool is ideal if you're looking for something unusual to make a statement among existing modern garden ideas

But are they practical? And what about cleaning them? We spoke to Kimberly Jones from Bear Paddle swim school for her take on the trend.

'This new trend has its advantages, from the dramatic color to its use to absorb more heat from the sun that helps the water to warm up,' says Kimberly. 'However, having this new trend dark pool, you have to be responsible with different precautions and make sure it is always clean.'

The fact the water stays a couple of degrees warmer could be a real bonus and likely to save energy on heating the pool up.

outdoor swimming pool with dark bottom and outdoor furniture

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Ray Brosnan has 20 years of experience in construction and pool installation. He comments that a black bottom pool 'tends to give more of a luxurious, high-end feel to the entire pool.'

'However,' he continues, 'the darker color does come with issues. The black paint will effectively highlight any blemishes and imperfections on the pool's finish.' Ray also remarks that darker colors bring a safety concern as it could interfere with swimmers' depth perception.

black bottom pool and exterior of house

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The strong reaction we have to them is partly because we're so used to associating water with some kind of blue shade. Seeing it in black requires a bit of an adjustment. 

Black has become a modern staple in interiors, so why not bring the black tones outside? We've seen two-tone tuxedo kitchens, monochromatic decor pieces and even black ceilings in our homes. 

Whatever the color of your pool, proper pool maintenance and upkeep are essential for ensuring your swimming experience is clean and healthy. Would you take the plunge with a dark bottom swimming pool in your backyard?

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