Daisy Payne reveals top tip for preventing slugs in an eco-friendly way

The gardening expert's secret to keeping slugs away is simple, budget-friendly and kind to wildlife

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Even though slugs are no longer considered 'pests' by the RHS, we don't want them destroying our dahlias. Luckily, there are lots of natural options when it comes to how to get rid of slugs.

Daisy Payne is a gardener, allotment holder, and presenter who regularly appears on ITV's This Morning to share advice on everything from tulips to growing vegetables. Her eco-friendly tip for preventing slugs involves making a little barricade with wool pellets or grit to put the pesky critters off.

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Eco-friendly tip for preventing slugs

'My top tip for deterring slugs, or at least keeping them away from your lovely young plants is simple,' begins Daisy Payne, who you can follow @gardentogarnish. Rather than spending money on harsh slug and snail killers, Daisy recommends surrounding your plants with a ring of wool pellets or grit. 

'Put a thick layer all around the base of your plants and the slugs will steer clear!' she says. 'It’s that simple. No need for anything nasty!' 

Creating a ring of wool pellets (available from Amazon) or grit around your favorite hostas, lettuces, sweet peas, and seedlings will make it harder for slugs to get to them. Wool pellets are made of compacted sheep's wool and put off slugs because they absorb the mucus they produce.

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They also hold onto water so can prevent your soil from becoming overly dry in warm weather. Grit, which you may have knocking around in your shed, will also create a barrier so slugs have to work a lot harder for their dinner.

This particular eco-friendly tip for preventing slugs from decimating your plants might be easier for those you've planted into the ground compared to those in your container gardening ideas. But as long as there's a little bit of space in your pots, you could definitely try adding some pellets or grit around the edge.

gardener and TV presenter Daisy Payne

Gardener and broadcaster Daisy Payne

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Most of us want to create an eco-friendly garden that looks lovely, and there's always a balance to strike between fending off slugs and being kind to wildlife. If you haven't already, try Daisy's tip for preventing slugs from taking over.

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