Celebrity gardener David Domoney explains why all gardens need an apple tree

Gardening expert David Domony reveals his favorite plant – and it's sure to make a statement all year round

apple tree
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Gardening expert David Domoney makes regular appearances on our TV screens, sharing his top tips with both novices and experienced gardeners. With years of experience in the world of horticulture, he knows a thing or two about creating a beautiful garden.

We asked the celebrity gardener and author of My Houseplant Changed My Life to share his favorite plant with us. It turns out David Domoney is a big fan of the apple tree. So whether you're looking to grow fruit trees in pots or want to plant something in your garden, here he explains why it's one of the very best fruit trees to grow.

apple tree

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David Domoney's apple tree tip

'My favorite plant has to be the apple tree,' David Domoney tells us in an interview. 'Adding an apple tree into the garden gives you so much bang for your buck.'

Whether it's a Gala, Bramley or Granny Smith, an apple tree, available at Dobies for around £20, is a classic and nostalgic feature. Not only is the apple tree great value, but it brings joy all year round.

'You get the beautiful shape tree, lovely summer foliage, fresh autumnal color, spectacular blossom in spring, and of course the fruit as well,' David continues. 'What's not to like?'

celebrity garden David Domoney

David Domoney reveals the plant that's the apple of his eye

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Contrary to popular belief, apple trees are suitable for container gardening ideas, meaning you can enjoy the many benefits even in very small outdoor spaces. As is always the case with container gardening, if you are growing an apple tree in a pot, you'll need to give it some extra attention to make sure it doesn't dry out.

Choose a big pot and water it more regularly than you would when planting into the ground. Autumn to early spring is a good time to plant an apple tree, so if you'd like to add one to your plot, now is the time! 

Read Monty Don's apple pruning warning so you don't fall into the trap of overpruning when caring for your plant.

apple tree

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We spoke to David Domoney as part of his work with The Ideal Home Show where he gave expert advice to plant parents in drop-in sessions at the Houseplant Hospital.

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