Top fashion brand Dior is giving gardening an upmarket makeover

The designer brand has launched a stylish gardening set with an impressive price tag of $8,700, but what do garden experts think of it?

Gardening tool kit from Dior
(Image credit: Dior)

For the price of a small automobile, international designer brand Dior is now selling a gardening set that includes a stainless-steel spade, rake and folding calfskin leather seat in black or soft beige, echoing the iconic shape of the fashion house’s famous ‘Saddle Bag’. 

Designed by Dior artistic director Kim Jones, the glamorous kit is available to order in a limited number of countries including the UK and US, and is giving gardening a high-fashion makeover, at an eye-popping cost of $8,700.

But what do the experts make of this high-fashion garden trend?

Dior gardening set in cream leather

(Image credit: Dior)

The fashionable Dior gardening set

Harry Gallagher, a financial consultant at Life Part 2 believes the launch of Dior's luxurious new gardening set showcases the trend of 'fashionable gardening' and points towards an exciting new approach regarding the garden basics we take for granted.

'More and more people are getting into gardening as a hobby, and luxury brands are taking notice,' he says. 'Dior's tool kit is an example of how gardening is becoming more of a luxury activity, and it is likely to be popular with those who want to show off their green thumb.'

Is it worth it? 

'For garden enthusiasts with deep pockets, the answer is probably yes,' says Oberon Copeland, the founder of lifestyle advice site Very Informed. 'The tools are undoubtedly well-made, and the sleek design is sure to turn heads in the garden. 

'Plus, with such a high price tag, each tool comes with its own individual storage case lined with velvet to keep it safe and protected. 

'For anyone else, however, it's hard to justify spending so much money on something that will likely get dirty and scratched up with use.'

Unlike your trusted secateurs and garden spade that are kept hidden away in the shed, these are tools that are meant to be shown off.

Dior black leather gardening kit

(Image credit: Dior)

Add to your collection

This stylish set of tools is the not the first gardening kit designed by the house of Dior. 

Cordelia de Castellane, artistic director of Dior Maison and Baby Dior, has also created Lucky Milly, a range which showcases, in her words, the 'passion for flowers' Christian Dior himself developed in his mother’s beautiful rose garden in Granville, northern France. 

Dior gardening apron featuring a printed pattern on the front

(Image credit: Dior)

Items include engraved tools, a watering can, pots, and a pretty Dior cotton and calfskin apron, $390, all in a graceful green, white and ochre print featuring scrolling clovers. 

Will you be adding these high fashion buys to your summer shopping list?

Jayne Dowle
Freelance writer

Jayne Dowle is an award-winning gardening, homes and property writer who writes for publications including Sunday Times Home, Times Bricks & Mortar, Grand Designs, House Beautiful and The Spectator. She was awarded the Garden Journalist of the Year accolade at the Property Press Awards in 2021.