The fairy garden trend is the most in-demand this year

It's cute, it's eccentric, and people can't get enough of it

A fairy garden in Scotland, UK
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It's the cutest garden trend around, and it's taking over our gardens. Fairy gardens are officially not just acceptable but desirable, with recent research showing that this adorable garden style is the most in-demand right now. 

So, if you thought that fairy gardens are just fun garden activities for kids, think again. A new study* shows that fairy gardens are the most searched for online and are doing extremely well on social media. What are they, exactly, and why have they become so popular?

What are fairy gardens?

Close up of a fairy garden

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Fairy gardens refer to miniature gardens that create whimsical, fantasy scenes, typically involving fairy figurines and miniatures of fairy homes. Many designs are exceptionally detailed and can include the tiniest details, down to tiny wellies left outside the fairy home front doors and tiny pets belonging to the fairies.  

Some people also take the fairy garden theme large-scale, building human-sized doors into trees in their gardens, or opting for full-sized sculptures of fairies. These aren't strictly speaking fairy gardens, but they have a similar look and theme. If you're blessed with a large garden, they can be a lot of fun, especially if you have children. However, the traditional, miniature fairy garden is perfect to explore as part of your small garden ideas. 

A fairy garden in a tree

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As Julie Bawden-Davis and ‎Beverly Turner, authors of Fairy Gardening, put it, 'watching people's faces when they first encounter fairy gardens is a little like seeing kids finding everything they want under the Christmas tree. Astonishment gives way to pure pleasure as people inspect every inch of these enchanting mini landscapes.' 

Who doesn't need a little bit of enchantment and childlike pleasure, especially right now? Julie and Beverly also point out the sharing aspect of these 'sophisticated' creations – they can be enjoyed by 'mothers and daughters', as well as 'couples, siblings, and even entire families, who plan a fairy project with everyone having a hand in it.' 

It's fun and therapeutic to create a fairy garden, whether you do it on your own or with others. And, needless to say, fairy gardens look amazing in Instagram photos. What's not to like?

* A study by Atlas Ceramics

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