Get a free garden water-saving kit from Anglian Water, with seeds included – here's how

The free garden water-saving kit from Anglian Water comes with seeds and gadgets to help keep your plants alive this summer

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Who doesn't love a garden freebie? And we have news of a great new giveaway – a free garden water-saving kit from Anglian Water.

Sadly, it's only available to people living in areas served by Anglian Water. But if you live in the East of England, you're in luck.

Wherever you live, you can discover our garden water-saving tips for quick and easy ways to get the most from every drop.

What's in the garden water-saving kit?

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Keep your garden blooming all summer with a free garden water-saving kit from Anglian Water

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When your pack arrives you'll get a leaflet with tips on how to save water in your garden, and three handy water-saving gadgets. Our favourite part of the package is the little box of wildflower seeds, supplied by Seedball. 

You won't even get your hands dirty planting these out. The seeds are encased in clay and peat-free compost. Simply scatter this spring, after the last frost, onto bare soil or compost, leaving 10cm between each ball. 

Let the rain do its magic and you'll see shoots appear in two to four weeks. It's a hugely popular way to fill your garden with nature, as our guide to how to plant a wildflower meadow explains.

Also included in the free garden water-saving kit is...

  • A Water Stick that you push into the root ball of any pot plant. An indicator at the top will show blue if it's wet enough, but turn red if your plant is dry and potentially needs watering.
  • A small bag of SwellGel water storing crystals. Mix some in with your soil (two teaspoons will do the job in a 10in pot) and they will absorb extra water, which is released as your plants dry out. So if you sometimes forget to water things, no harm is done!
  • Water retaining mats – these can be used to line pots and containers, and work a little like the crystals, holding onto extra water when it's raining or your plants are watered, then releasing it when it's needed.

For further advice, read our guide to watering plants, with top tips on what to do when.

How do I get a free garden water-saving kit?

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You'll be eligible for the free garden water-saving kit from Anglian Water if you live in one of the areas its serves. Namely, all or parts of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Essex, Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire, North East Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Suffolk.

To check and see if you are eligible, visit the Order A Free Kit page on the Anglian Water website and enter your postcode.

If you get the nod, you'll then be able to enter further details and apply. You can expect your kit to arrive 10-14 days later. 

Happy water-saving!

I'm Amy Cutmore, Editor in Chief of Homes Audience at Future... and an increasingly keen gardener. I'm still wearing my gardening L plates at the minute! However, I'm managed to keep some hydrangeas alive for a few years now, love using bamboo as a structural screening plant and am successfully nurturing some sweet pea seeds on my kitchen windowsill.

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