You can now get insurance for your houseplants

Just in case you and your new fiddle leaf fig don't get along

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You can now buy insurance for your beloved houseplants, in case things don't go to plan. Indoor plants bring color, shape, texture and life into our homes, but as we all know, it's not always plain-sailing. 

If, despite your best plant-care efforts, your indoor garden ideas are going badly, you can now get expert advice and replacements with Horti's insurance plans.

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Brooklyn-based houseplant company Horti now offers two different insurance packages. For $4.99 a month, you can buy the Plant Reassurance plan. No matter where you bought your plant from, with this plan you can send a plant expert pictures and receive advice on what the problem is, and how to fix it.

Then, the Plant Resurrection plan, which is $9.99 a month, will mean you can have your plant replaced if all else fails. However, you can only get plants replaced if they were originally bought from Horti.

'Losing confidence in the ability to care for plants is a feeling of defeat that can last for weeks, months, even years,' says Horti. 'We want to provide you with the support that will help you build a sustainable long-term relationship with your plant.'

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We asked plant expert Anna from Plant Pet Club what she thought of insuring your houseplants. 'We all want our plants to grow big and strong, look perfectly healthy and live forever! But would one put up with a monthly insurance fee to achieve it? I don't think so! 

'If you are struggling with a plant and it is wilting for no apparent (to you!) reason, most independent small plant retailers are happy to advise their customers what causes it and in some cases even replace plant free of charge. Because this what great customer service is - adding value and building long term relationships with customers.'

Plant Pet Club, just like Horti, aims to empower all people to be plant people - but Anna isn't convinced by the idea of plant insurance.

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Sometimes, you buy a beautiful new plant and it just doesn't work out in your home. For instance, a calathea might not agree with the type of water in your area.

Hopefully, though, with some expert guidance - which Horti hopes you'll only need for a few months before going it alone - you'll learn to confidently look after your plants.

Spending time watering, feeding and dusting your leafy companions is a valuable way to take time for yourself, helping us to slow down and recharge. Getting to know how much water and light they need is key in caring for your best indoor plants without too much worry.

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