Experts predict our kitchen gardens will undergo this huge change in 2022

This smart garden trend will revolutionize our planting habits long into the future – and experts approve

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Despite their name, kitchen gardens are best associated with the great outdoors. However, this 2022, kitchen gardens will undergo their biggest change to date – and take over your interiors. 

BBC Gardeners' World presenter Mark Lane has predicted that smart gardens will reshape garden trends this year – and hydroponic appliances are at the peak of this movement. According to Mark, new hydroponic technology will allow you to bring your kitchen garden indoors, so you can enjoy fresh herbs in all climates. 

But what does this new kitchen garden idea involve? And will it change our planting habits for good? Here’s everything you need to know.

Hydroponic kitchen garden trend

Hydroponic kitchens

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‘Smart gardening, self-watering garden systems, and hydroponic kitchen units will help both novice and seasoned gardeners,’ Mark says in his discussion of the indoor garden idea.

‘With so many of us not having the time to care for plants, watering or feeding, devices like this help care for the plants with very little human input. Small units that sit on kitchen surfaces with built-in LED grow lamps are innovative, fun, and will enable you to enjoy fresh herbs.’

When planning a kitchen garden with hydroponic technology, the process is simple. Stannah’s garden expert explains that all you need to do is cut them regularly. ‘Alternatively [you can] grow ornamentals and houseplants in these devices.' 

What is hydroponics? 

Hydroponic kitchens

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According to the RHS, hydroponics is the science of growing plants without using soil. This typically involves feeding your plants mineral nutrient salts that dissolve in water. 

The RHS notes that there is a ‘renewed interest in this method,’ particularly in environments where conventional planting is less accessible (for example, in a compact urban apartment). 

Will it reshape the future of planting? 

Hydroponic kitchens

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Mark Lane is not exclusive in his observation of this growing garden trend. Renowned futurologist Tom Cheesewright adds that we will see a rise in smart hydroponic systems that will give you ‘a constant supply of salad veg’. ‘[Hydroponic’s] will be more mainstream,’ Tom adds, in his discussion with Hive

If Mark and Tom’s expertise are anything to go by, this smart movement is more than just a fad. Will you experiment with the indoor kitchen garden trend? You can begin with these similar deals below. 

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