Is mowing the lawn the ultimate stress-busting chore? New survey reveals all

A new survey of lawn owners has revealed how effective mowing the lawn really is for relieving stress

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A new survey has revealed that mowing the lawn holds 'clear' stress-busting powers and mental health benefits.  

The survey conducted by ProLawnCareUK surveyed almost 150 lawn owners across the UK on the mental and physical health benefits of spring lawn care. It found that more than 90 percent of respondents found working on their lawns relieved tension, and 78.4 percent confirmed its mental health benefits. 

Gardeningetc has previously spoken about the benefits of gardening for mental health. A survey by Mind found that three-quarters of adults and young people had found gardening helpful.

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How can mowing the lawn help relieve stress?

Mowing the lawn can help relieve stress in two key ways - being close to nature and regular exercise. Plus, while getting out your best lawn mower might sometimes feel like a chore, 95 percent of respondents actually said they found it an enjoyable task. 

When asked about the most positive parts of mowing the lawn respondents noted details such as birdsong and the smell of freshly mown grass. 88.8 percent of respondents also noted that it had improved their physical health.

lawn mower in lawn

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Richard Salmon, the founder of ProLawnCareUK,  is an expert in all things lawns from domestic lawns, agricultural grassland to golf courses and sports pitches. He is passionate about the health benefits that a task as simple as mowing the lawn can have on individuals.

'We all know that Covid is putting immense pressure on the National Health Service.  We have more than 20 million domestic garden lawns in the UK so, simply going out regularly and mowing them, could relieve enormous pressure on the NHS,' he says.

'Enjoying fresh air, being close to nature, and listening to birdsong all offer other additional mental and physical health benefits.  So mowing is a win-win activity.'

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But if you're not already a lawn care fan, what benefits could you experience from tackling the chore? The mental health benefits of mowing the lawn, compared to those who don't have previously been noted in a US study in The Lancet.

The study explored the association between physical exercise and mental health. It found that lawn mowing, raking, and other common household chores increased mental health by 12 percent.

In terms of physical benefits, chugging a lawn mower up and down the garden has also been proven to deliver a serious calorie burn. A study by Yale University found that it could burn between 135 and 189 calories in just 30 minutes, depending on your weight.

Might we suggest starting to brainstorm those lawn ideas to give you an excuse to crack out the lawn mower soon?

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