Mark Lane's simple tip will prevent slugs from nibbling your plants – and now is the time to try

Advice from the trusted presenter will ensure your garden is slug free throughout the cooler seasons and beyond

Slug on a plant
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Admired for this expertise on BBC Gardeners' World, the green-thumbed guru Mark Lane has already reshaped our garden habits across the seasons – but his latest secret may be his most simple and effective yet.

Yes, the horticultural expert has addressed the question almost all gardeners find themselves debating with at some point in their gardening career – how to get rid of slugs

In an interview, Mark shared the secret to getting rid of slugs for good – with the help of one simple tool – nematodes. But how does this biological weapon work? In the discussion of his garden design ideas, Mark reveals what you need to know – and why autumn is the perfect time to invest.

Mark Lane at the Press Day for the first Autumnal RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Garden expert Mark Lane

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'The one I find that works best for us here is a thing called nematodes,' Mark says. He explains that they are 'microscopic worms' that is an organic slug prevention – in comparison to conventional slug pellets, which are harmful to birds and other wildlife. 

To get rid of slugs, the nematodes 'lay their eggs inside the slug, and the slug is eaten from the inside out.' 

However, Mark notes that, despite their evident danger to slugs, nematodes are entirely safe around humans. 'Harmless [to] children, animals, everybody, they are absolutely brilliant,' he says. 

But where can you buy such prevention? While you can pick up nematodes in a garden center, Mark shops for his treatment online – adding that they look like 'dry yeast' when they arrive in the post. This includes these Slug Nematodes from Amazon.

 'You have to keep them in the freezer because they're a live culture,' he adds – before sharing his preparation tips. 

Nemaslug – Slug Nematodes Natural Slug Killer | From £13.20 on Amazon

Nemaslug – Slug Nematodes Natural Slug Killer | From £13.20 on Amazon
This safe (for anyone but slugs) and easy to use form of pest control contains 12 million nematodes to cover and treat a 40m2 area. It is effective for as long as six weeks.

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'What you do is you mix them up in a watering can,' before sprinkling them into the water. 'Then you water the soil around your plants when gardening,' he adds. 

Plus, there is no better time to trial this technique, as Mark reveals that he applies nematodes right around now in autumn – and once again in the springtime. As, while you may be covered with just an autumnal shower, experts recommend applying twice annually for best results. 

Is Mark's cheap garden idea the secret to healthy plants for the year ahead? We're certainly willing to give these powerful creatures a try. 

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