Dog owner? This pet-friendly patio cleaner banishes odours in seconds

We've discovered the ultimate pet-friendly patio cleaner to safely eradicate urine smells from your patio – no scrubbing required

Pet-friendly patio cleaner GardenersDream Kennel Cleaner in apple, lemon and strawberry
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We're back again with genius ways that you can clean your patio or outside space. And no, we're not suggesting that you buy a bottle of the best patio cleaner, instead, this time we're here to talk about the rather unpleasant but difficult to destroy problem that is pet odours. And, thanks to this genius pet-friendly patio cleaner we discovered on Amazon, you needn't worry no more.

Anyone who has a dog will be aware of that awful smell that arises every month (or every few months if you're lucky) from your dog going to the toilet on your patio. So, we put a bunch of things to the test, to try and banish this unpleasant odour, whilst ensuring what we're using is safe for use around our furry friends.

Our Deputy Ecommerce Editor, Annie Collyer, has been trying to find a solution to this problem for quite a while now. First of all, she tried white vinegar – because let's be honest, this stuff works wonders indoors on odours and stains. We discovered that this worked with immediate effect, although the smell came back the very next day. So, at a loss, we headed online to see what reviewers are raving about.

This is when we came across this genius pet patio cleaner from Amazon. Most importantly to us: it's safe to use around pets, you'll just need to keep them away from it until it's dry (even if it is ingested via their paws, though, it's not a problem). But also, it comes in a range of scents to not only destroy odours and disinfect your outside space but to actually leave behind a pleasant smell. Genius! Oh, and it's super easy to apply and will take 10 minutes maximum, depending on the size of your patio.

So, Annie and her Pug called Doug put this solution to the test for us on their patio terrace in London. The verdict? Let's just say that there are 5 bottles of the stuff sitting in her storage cupboard right now. We're not quite sure how it hasn't gone viral yet, to be honest.

Buy this amazing pet-friendly patio cleaner now...

GardenersDream Kennel Cleaner: £12.49 at Amazon

GardenersDream Kennel Cleaner: £12.49 at Amazon
This cleaner has a stamp of approval from us, and we have to say that the lemon fragrance is our favourite by far. One bottle makes up to 500 litres of solution, and there's absolutely no bleach in this cleaner, so it's safe to use around your pet. With a 4.4-star rating from nearly 500 happy Amazon reviewers, it won't be long until this product goes viral. Now is the best time to buy a bottle (or five), since with the weather warming up you'll need to clean your patio more frequently.

How to use this pet patio cleaner?

It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. This pet-friendly patio cleaner needs to be diluted 4:1 with water. We do this in a bucket, and then we cover our patio with this mix until every inch of it is wet. You'll need to leave for 10 minutes until you can rinse, otherwise, you can also leave it to dry naturally (we prefer to do this). 

It's really that simple! This has become a routine for us every few months, more so in the summer, but it's brilliant at instantly destroying that awful smell that our lovely pets leave behind. The frequency that you'll need to use this will also depend on how many dogs you have, and how big or small they are.

Where else can I use this pet-friendly patio cleaner?

This stuff isn't just for outdoor use. Although you can use it on driveways, hutches, brick walls and pretty much anywhere that your pet comes into contact with outside. 

It can also be used to disinfect dog bowls, feeding mats and even their rubber toys, so long as these are all are rinsed thoroughly afterwards. You can also use this on hard flooring (perhaps put a little but in your mop bucket or bottle), but it's always a good idea to test it on a small, inconspicuous place before using everywhere.

Another good idea would be to dilute some of this solution into a spray bottle for when there are any accidents, to remove smells and disinfect the area thoroughly. With peace of mind that if your pet has a little sniff, it won't be damaging to them.

With seven scents to select from, you can choose one to suit your preference, or whether you are using it indoors or out. Think strawberry, orange, bubblegum...  

Will it actually clean my patio?

Now for the important question: will this pet-friendly patio cleaner actually clean your patio from mould, moss etc? The short answer is no. This is designed to be used only to disinfect and remove smells. You'll also want to invest in one of the best pressure washers to refresh your tired outside space, plus your furniture too. Think of it as an added extra for pet owners when it comes to cleaning your patio.

For a solution that will clean your patio with no scrubbing required, we also put the Jeyes Patio Cleaner to the test and the results were incredible!

GardenersDream Kennel Cleaner: £12.49 at Amazon

GardenersDream Kennel Cleaner: £12.49 at Amazon
Get your bottle of pet-friendly patio cleaner now, ahead of the spring weather, so that you can chill in your garden worry-free. 

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Deputy Ecommerce Editor

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