The Home Depot is selling the ultimate pet-proof artificial turf used at Westminster Dog Show

It could be a practical no-mow option for dog lovers, created for some of the countries finest pups

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If you're not a fan of mowing the lawn or you have young kids or dogs, there are various alternatives to grass out there that provide an easy-to-maintain option for smaller gardens. Unfortunately, standard artificial turf won't always stand the test of time when muddy dog paws are thrown into the mix.

However, The Home Depot has launched a brand new pet-proof turf, which could be a solution for those with lively dogs who love running around and digging.

dog on pet-proof artificial turf

(Image credit: The Home Depot / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show)

The home improvement retailer was given the task of pet-proofing the show floor for last weekend’s Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. So it created the Lifeproof with PetProof Technology Artificial Turf. 

The dog-friendly turf is available exclusively at The Home Depot and could be a great option for pet lovers. It made its official debut at the Westminster Dog Show in the Agility Demo Area. 

The new turf is made with fibers that resist stains and eliminate brown spots, while also preventing dogs from digging. It also maintains a consistent appearance, even under heavy use, and doesn’t require any chemical applications, protecting pets from exposure to any harmful products. 

In terms of keeping it clean, liquid pet waste passes through and will not puddle. It also won't attract pests like ants, fleas, or ticks.

dog on pet-proof artificial turf

(Image credit: The Home Depot / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show)

Since the artificial turf separates the dogs from dirt and dust, your dogs will not get dirty or muddy. Not only does this make for a clean outside space, but also reduces the need for cleanup when they come back indoors as paws stay clean, which means so do floors, equipment, cages, and mats.

If you have a dog that loves to dig, this pet-proof turf could be one of the best low-maintenance garden ideas for your space. The turf prevents dogs from digging and maintains a consistent appearance, even under heavy use.  

When it comes to care, Lifeproof with Petproof Technology Artificial Turf makes maintaining healthy-looking backyard ideas easy. It also maintains a consistent color, unlike natural grass that can turn brown.

two dogs on pet-proof artificial turf

(Image credit: The Home Depot / Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show)

If you prefer the more environmentally-friendly option of natural grass, take a look at our tips for growing grass with dogs.

Lastly, with artificial turf, you eliminate the need to water the yard or add any chemicals or fertilizers. It will stay green all year round.

The Lifeproof Turf with Petproof Technology will hit this weekend and has a 15-year warranty.

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