Stop pot plants from drying out with gardening expert David Domoney's easy hack

This unconventional tip allows you to sit back and let nature do its thing

water bottle hack
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Gardening always involves a certain level of trial and error. But expert David Domoney is on hand with a tip to ensure the pot plants in your garden are getting just the right amount of water as the weather begins to warm up. 

The hack, which he shared on a recent appearance on This Morning, involves a water bottle, a screwdriver, and, best of all, minimal effort. We think it's the perfect option for your container gardening ideas

water bottle hack

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First, David pierced some holes into an empty water bottle using a screwdriver. Then he positioned it in the middle of a pot and pushed soil around it so that there was soil right up against the edges of the bottle. 

‘When you’ve finished watering the container, you can fill up the bottle as well and it will slowly seep out on very hot days and give moisture just when it needs it,’ David Domoney explains. The tip is particularly handy for when the weather gets warmer in the summer months, or if you know you're going to be away for a few days.

water bottle hack

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Pot plants are a great option if you’ve recently moved house. You can begin to fill your garden with gorgeous greenery without committing to the exact spot where your plants should go before you've learned your way around. 

It takes time to learn which plants are happiest where, and how much water they need, but this trick is great for your pots as it will help to keep plants happy. Incorporating garden planter ideas into your space also means you can change up the look of your garden easily from season to season.

water bottle hack

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There's a fine balance when it comes to watering plants though. Overwatering will lead to rotten roots, while underwatering will leave a plant dry and wilting. 

Given that you can't actually see the water bottle in situ, David's tip doesn't compromise how your garden looks. Plus, it means you can leave the plant to soak up the water it needs all by itself rather than constantly having to water it with the best garden hose. Will you be trying this gardening tip?

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