This expert tip will help your hanging baskets survive even the hottest day

Here’s the latest care advice for keeping your hanging baskets happy and healthy this summer

summer hanging basket
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A hanging basket overflowing with gorgeous abundant blooms is one of the quickest and easiest ways to add color and interest to the patio, porch or garden. But, keeping your hanging basket ideas looking their best in high summer takes work, says Angharad James, product manager at plant food company Phostrogen

'Many gardeners struggle to keep their hanging baskets thriving throughout summer, particularly those that are planted in springtime,' she says. 'Above all, the most important thing is to choose the best location to suit your pride and joy.'

geraniums in hanging basket from Thompson & Morgan

This hanging basket from Thompson & Morgan is sure to pep up a patio

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Place them in the optimal spot

Just as you would with any other flower in your beds and borders, look at the needs of your hanging basket plants when deciding where to put them.

'For instance, a basket full of shade-dwelling fuchsias or begonias placed in direct sunlight will quickly wilt, and equally, placing sun-loving plants like petunias in the shade will mean they soon fade, too,' says Angharad.

You should also try to choose an area that is sheltered from the wind for your hanging basket. Angharad says, 'Not only will protecting flowers from strong gusts reduce the risk of the basket falling to the ground and damaging plants and protect delicate blooms from being blown away, but it will also reduce the amount of watering required because the basket will be dried out quickly in a breezy spot.' 

Of course, you'll also need to ensure the hanging basket is securely fixed to the wall, fence or hook – baskets can become heavy after a good watering, so it’s important it is safely attached.

fuchsias in hanging basket from Thompson & Morgan

Fuchsias are a favorite for hanging baskets, and look beautiful in this display from Thompson & Morgan

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More tips for helping your hanging basket survive summer

Even though we love our hanging baskets, in a busy garden it’s quite easy to forget about their slightly more complex needs, aside from being placed in the ideal location. 

As plants grow, they need intervention to encourage constant, healthy blooms throughout the season – and this applies in autumn and winter too.

'Don't forget to rotate your hanging basket every so often to avoid plants growing unevenly and be sure to prune back leggy growth for a beautiful display,' says Angharad. She also recommends deadheading flowers regularly to encourage repeat blooms and allow your plant to flourish for as long as possible.

petunias in hanging basket from Thompson & Morgan

Petunias create a dramatic aesthetic in this hanging basket from Thompson & Morgan

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