On sale now: this mud kitchen from TP Toys! Buy today for Easter holiday fun

This mud kitchen from TP Toys even has a working tap. The kids will just love it (as will your bank balance)

TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen
(Image credit: TP Toys)

We've spotted a bargain mud kitchen at TP Toys, which will be sure to keep the kids busy (and messy) in the garden this Easter break. Just as the sun is starting to make an appearance! It even comes with a starter set of stainless-steel pans, with a mixing whisk to help them whip up some mud brownies for you to pretend to try and obviously love. Delicious. 

This mud kitchen arrives ready for you to assemble, and it even boasts four 'hob rings' as well as a working tap and a sink that can hold 10kg of mud. The same sink doubles as more workspace when it comes to rolling out their muddy dough or mixing their marvellous creation. Oh, and this kitchen even has an oven to cook mud pies inside, as well as open storage for their various pots, pans, utensils and food to live. Deluxe might be the word you are thinking of...

This TP Toys mud kitchen (opens in new tab) now has £10 off, just in time for the warmer weather. And ready for their friends to come over and play in the garden. It's only £139.99 instead of £150. The best part? If you don't want to have to deal with the mess of your little one playing with mud all day, then this kitchen can also be used with sand. 

Pair this mud kitchen with the best climbing frame and you'll be set for an easy half-term in the garden.

TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen | £149.99 £139.99 (save £10) at TP Toys (opens in new tab)
This bargain mud kitchen is made from FSC-certified pressure treated European timber to make it durable and eco-friendly. It has everything to keep them entertained for a good while, from a working tap and water butt to a fake hob and oven, and it even comes with tools to help them get started. There's a blackboard space where they can write their famous recipes, while it comes with stencils for the hob rings and 'mud kitchen' labelling. It's suitable for use for children three and over.

What are the measurements of this mud kitchen?

TP Muddy Madness Wooden Mud Kitchen

(Image credit: TP Toys)
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This mud kitchen is surprisingly (and nicely) compact so as not to take up too much precious garden space. In total, it measures 43cm in depth and 96cm wide. It's also 108cm high. It's the perfect height for little ones to stand and mix.

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