Emily Grant

Emily Grant

Freelance writer

Emily Grant is a British ex-pat living in Squamish, Canada. Squamish is an outdoor, mountain paradise just outside Vancouver, full of biking, hiking, and skiing. 

Emily has written about all sorts from interior design and gardening, to travel, tourism, and pets. When she’s not writing, she loves finding DIY ways to beautify her rented space. She has become an expert in making small apartments feel like home and has written features on smart storage solutions, organization ideas, and seasonal decor. 

She also loves spending time out in the backyard, relaxing in the hammock on her beautiful patio. She has written several pieces inspired by her quest to find the perfect patio furniture. She also enjoys gardening and caring for her many plants, both outside and inside her home. She loves spending time with her super cute dog, Pepper, who helps her write all about pets. 

Her work has been featured on Gardeningetc, Real Homes and Homes & Gardens. 

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