New lawn cutting service has swapped mowers for a surprisingly effective alternative

You can now enlist the help of a former dairy cow to cut your grass

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We can all appreciate the joys of an immaculate lawn, even those of us who prefer to keep our garden wild and unruly. Now, rather than using your best lawn mower, you can keep your grass neat with a 'lawn-mooer'.

Yep, there's a lawn cutting service that lets you hire a dairy cow to graze in your backyard.

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Zoltan Toth-Czifra is the founder of Real Deal Milk, a cell-based milk startup. The company uses precision fermentation and cellular agriculture in a lab to produce the proteins in dairy, casein, and whey so that cows are no longer needed. 

'We’re going to be creating milk-based products without the cows, which is great for the cows but it got us thinking…' begins Zoltan. 'What will the ex-dairy cows do after? 

'There’s going to be a lot of them, considering there are nearly 2 million in the UK alone! So, we thought, why not let them do what they do best and graze all day?'

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The new service will give ex-dairy cows longer, happier lives, by becoming living, breathing lawn mowers, not hamburgers. A cow will be delivered to vetted customers' gardens and left to carry out the grass-eating service, free of charge. 

Signing up for the service will mean cut grass and free compost, but you would have to commit for at least two years. You'll also need to agree to feed and water your cow and be able to provide accommodation for it.

For those lucky enough to have at least an acre of land, we think it's a brilliant (if slightly bonkers) spring lawn care tip. No noisy, polluting mowers, and no hours spent keeping grass and shrubs under control.

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Google has been known to hire goats to mow the grass at its Mountainview headquarters in California, with 200 goats clearing weeds and brush. And while it might seem a silly idea, a team of goats will help clear poison ivy, various weeds, and some invasive species.

This unusual lawn-care service aims to show people that a cow’s role in the meat and dairy industry is steadily declining. Real Deal Milk says we must protect and recognize them as living creatures who deserve to be cared for. 

Forget hiring landscapers and garden designers, apply to hire a ‘lawn-mooer’ here.

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