How to make a DIY poinsettia centerpiece in 4 simple steps

Find out how to make a DIY poinsettia centerpiece and turn a simple plant into a stunning display for the festive season

how to make a DIY poinsettia centerpiece
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If you like natural Christmas decorations you'll love this DIY poinsettia centerpiece. With its wrap of loosely woven twigs, this gorgeous display makes a real feature and it’s really easy to create the arrangement.

Choosing a traditional red poinsettia has become as much a part of Christmas as picking the right types of Christmas tree for your indoor and outdoor displays. But if you want to mix up your look and go for something a bit more modern, the good news is that poinsettia are now available in shades of salmon pink, apricot, lemon and white, as well as pretty variegated ones that look like they’re marbled or dusted with glitter. 

These new colorways are a more natural fit with your houseplant look too, blending in well with large leafy foliage for a more contemporary feel. Pair them in particular with showy caladium, whose large, arrow-shaped leaves come in a striking array of colors and patterns that are a good match for poinsettia.

Use either a traditional red or a more modern color of poinsettia to make this display - it's up to you. Either way it's guaranteed to look fabulous!

  • With special thanks to Stars for Europe for sharing this lovely project with us.

Follow these easy steps to make a DIY poinsettia centerpiece

If you've already followed our tips on how to care for a poinsettia, then this is a beautiful way to make sure your festive houseplant is a stunning focal point in your Christmas decorating scheme. 

What's more, it's easier than you think to learn how to create a DIY poinsettia centerpiece with our easy step-by-step guide. 

how to create a poinsettia centerpiece for christmas

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You will need:

  • Decorative planter (concrete or stoneware look good for this) 
  • Straw wreath frame with wrap covering in the same diameter as the planter (widely available online)
  • 10-12 bamboo sticks, willow stems or similar plant supports
  • Selection of fine twigs such as larch and birch
  • One large or several smaller poinsettia plants

1. Prepare the wreath frame

how to create a poinsettia centerpiece for christmas

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The first part of making your DIY poinsettia centerpiece is to lay the wrapped straw wreath frame flat on a clear work surface. Insert the sticks into the frame at evenly spaced intervals. These will provide the framework for the twig decoration. 

2. Fill the planter

Fill your planter two thirds full with fresh houseplant potting compost. Try a mix of three parts John Innes No 3 to one part grit, as poinsettia like well-drained soil. 

3. Make the twig wrap

how to create a poinsettia decoration for christmas

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Place the prepared straw frame on top of the planter. Start to interweave your twigs in a circular pattern between the sticks, looping back and forth around them. 

Make sure you extend the twigs outwards beyond the edge of the planter to hide both the wreath base and the sticks from view. Check your twigs are covering evenly.

4. Add the poinsettia plant

how to create a poinsettia centerpiece for Christmas

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Finally, transfer your poinsettia (or poinsettias if you're using more than one) to the planter. Gently remove the plant from its pot and loosen the roots. Plant your poinsettia at the same depth it was growing in its previous container. 

Add more potting compost, carefully pushing the plant into the soil and pressing it in firmly so it sits securely in the planter. Finally, water well to help your poinsettia get established in its new home.

That's it - you've learned how to create a poinsettia centerpiece with wow factor to use as a tabletop decoration that will last right through the festive season.

how to create a poinsettia centerpiece for christmas

(Image credit: Stars for Europe)

Once you've finished your DIY poinsettia centerpiece, there are lots of other ways to create natural looking Christmas wreath ideas and DIY Christmas decorations too. By using a mix of garden foliage, they can that look just as unique and professional as this poinsettia planter and will make your festive decor stand out from the crowd.

How to look after your poinsettia centerpiece

Keep your poinsettia planter away from strong sunlight and drafts. Watering plants sparingly is important as they don’t like being waterlogged. 

Only water your planter when the surface of the compost has begun to dry out and you meet resistance if you test it with your fingertip. 

As with most of the best Christmas plants, it’s also a good idea to mist your poinsettia regularly to help extend its flowering life.

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