Bargain outdoor projector deal: bring the cinema to you for £69.99

This outdoor projector is on sale for under £70. Buy now and enjoy tomorrow...

Anker Nebula Apollo Outdoor Projector
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Looking to buy an outdoor projector? Smart idea: you can use it year-round, inside or out, and the kids will love it, too. An outdoor projector is also easy to set up providing you have enough space (and a plain wall), and the majority of the best outdoor projectors have built-in speakers. So really, you only need to buy the projector itself and you are good to go. Why not bring the cinema to your back garden and invite some friends over for socially distanced drinks? And to show off your lovely garden, of course...

We've been browsing today's Amazon deals and came across a bargain outdoor projector. This ELEPHAS Projector (opens in new tab) is only £69.99 and it's mini so easily portable, it can be used with a HDMI adapter to connect it to your phone, laptop or tablet, and it has built-in dual speakers. Usually £89.99, this incredible projector can be used indoors or out, and it can be popped on a surface or alternatively, mounted onto a tripod.

See this incredible deal below and get buying fast before it sells out. Remember: Prime members get fast and free delivery so if you buy today it'll be on your doorstep tomorrow.

ELEPHAS Projector | Was £89.99, now £69.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
The mini ELEPHAS projector has a lovely £20 off right now and it can be delivered fast. Not only that but it boasts 4,500 lumens meaning that it doesn't necessarily have to be used in complete darkness, while its picture projects in Full HD 1080p video, too. High quality, low price tag. We love.

Note: this projector does not come with a HDMI cable included – you need to buy one separately to connect it to your mobile, laptop or tablet.

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