Backyard Envy star Garrett Magee reveals the garden trend taking over New York’s urban gardens this season

The celebrity landscaper counts Calvin Klein amongst his fashionable clients – this is what they’re asking for this autumn

Urban garden in New York with plants and outdoor furniture
(Image credit: Dane Tashima)

With a fashionable clientele, including Sies Marjan and Diane von Furstenberg, nobody knows stylish urban garden trends quite like Garrett Magee. 

The Backyard Envy star – and one-third of the Manscapers design team – splits his expertise between Los Angeles and the East Coast, where he observes exterior crazes amongst the chicest of gardeners. 

Therefore, when Gardeningetc sat down with Garett, we were inevitably eager to discuss the most sought-after trends that are setting the tone in the Big Apple this fall. And you don’t need a NY postcode to get involved. Here, Garrett shares the garden trends causing a buzz amongst New Yorkers.

Urban garden in New York from above

(Image credit: Dane Tashima)

‘It’s really interesting because since the pandemic, so many of our clients have come to us, and they want to create edible gardens – I don’t just think that is exclusive to New York, but that has been the number one request from people there. Everybody wants to grow their own vegetables,’ Garrett explains.

The Backyard Envy landscaper is no stranger to the logistics behind this trend and emphasized statistics that suggest the craze is taking over backyards beyond the Concrete Jungle. 

‘There are some interesting stats, such as how 16 million people picked up gardening during the pandemic – and 67% are growing or planning to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruits in 2021, the National Gardening Association (opens in new tab) has found,’ he says.

pak choi at RHS No Dig Allotment designed by Charles Dowding and Stephanie Hafferty at Hampton Court Garden Festival 2021

(Image credit: Beth Murton/Future)

‘I love [creating edible gardens] because over this past year, many people are working from home and people’s commute is from the bed to the couch. Therefore, people are not getting outside very often. So, any excuse that people can get to go outside and get some exercise and get their hands dirty is a really healthy and nice way to get outside,’ Garrett adds, in his discussion of kitchen garden ideas.

Plus, edible gardens not only promote us to leave our homes but also provide us with a sense of fulfillment that so many of us crave. It is unsurprising, therefore, that this craze is in such high demand.

log pathway in 'Friends of Ascot' allotment at RHS hampton court garden festival 2021

(Image credit: Beth Murton/Future)

‘You’re eating the food that you grow, so it’s so fulfilling on so many different levels, for myself, but also to help people do that. It’s definitely been a huge trend over this past year,’ Garrett says.

Following this demand, Garrett teamed up with Naked Juice (opens in new tab) to share small vegetable garden ideas and emphasize the benefits of edible gardens – both in New York and beyond. More information is available via their website.  

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