Paint your deck in minutes with this hack that is going viral on social media

If your deck needs a lick of paint, this trick will save your knees

decking area with outdoor seating
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A social media hack for painting your decking has exploded online, with clips of the time-saving trick getting millions of views. We're not sure where exactly it began, but it involves taking a household broom to your paint tray and brushing the paint all over the decking as if you were sweeping it.

decking area with outdoor chairs and fence

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A TikTok user called Dad Dancer shared a clip where he takes an ordinary broom and applies grey paint to his decking at an alarmingly fast rate. He says that the decking area needed two coats, and each coat took around 15 minutes. 

Overall, it's much quicker and less strenuous than the traditional method of using a paint roller or paintbrush to update your decking ideas. The DIY fan recommends using a broom with nice soft bristles, so that it doesn't flick paint around and ensures an even finish.

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Many of us have been spending more time out in the garden recently, sprucing things up ready for summer. Painting or staining the decking and fencing is arguably one of the least enjoyable tasks, but this tip makes the process far easier.

TikTok has created a never-ending supply of DIY and cleaning hacks ranging in efficacy. But this one will genuinely save you time and a whole lot of bother. If you give it a go, be sure to read our guide on how to clean decking before you begin.

If you're looking to buy some new decking, our roundup of the best composite decking will help you narrow down your options depending on your taste and budget. 

decking area with outdoor furniture

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The TikTok video has now had over 26 million views, plus reams of comments (some of which center around whether or not his decking is the right way up, but we'll save that for another article). 

'Wish this video was longer, super satisfying,' one commented.

decking area with outdoor table and chairs

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'I have to stain my deck this summer and I'm so glad I saw this. It's going to save my back!' said another.

'We used a paintbrush yesterday, wish I knew this,' wrote a third.

It's safe to say the speedy trick has been a resounding success. Will you be trying it in your garden?

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