Linda Clayton

Linda Clayton

Linda fell for the interiors world soon after graduating Cardiff’s School for Journalism and has been happily writing for the likes of Gardeningetc, Homes & Gardens, Livingetc, Ideal Home and Real Homes for two decades. 

Her current home in Devon was previously a commercial nursery – they grew the plants that garden centres buy. When she arrived in 2016, the half-acre plot boasted three massive polytunnels and a glass greenhouse to rival those at Kew Gardens. They sold the lot, levelled the ground, chucked down some grass seed, then focused on making the inside of the house habitable. This year the garden is back on her radar and she has grand plans to pave and plant out the front garden and around the house (currently resembling a builder’s yard), and possibly 'do something' about the barren field that is her lawn!

With several lawns surrounding her home, Linda can often be found outdoors putting a wide range of lawn mowers through their paces for Gardeningetc. From small city mowers and cordless designs for family gardens to hi-tech robot mowers that do all the hard work for you, she's reviewed and rated them all.

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