Best garden stakes

Whether you need garden stakes for plant support, securing landscaping, or positioning outdoor lighting, we've collected the best options.

garden stakes
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Garden stakes are essential to supporting growing plants and trees, and they can create a framework for climbers. But there are also versions that can be used to fix edging, weed-barrier fabric and more. Still others can create atmospheric lighting at the side of walkways and drives. Check out the top designs for every purpose in our selection.  

Best overall

GROW!T bamboo stakes

(Image credit: GROW!T)

GROW!T bamboo stakes

Natural look

Bamboo stakes blend in with their surroundings beautifully, discreetly providing the support plants need. Each stake in this set is six-feet long, but there’s a range of sizes offered to suit different plants and to make up growing structures. There are 25 in each pack.

Best for projects

Ashman garden landscape staples

(Image credit: Ashman)

Ashman garden landscape staples

Durable steel

These galvanized steel stakes are made for a variety of garden tasks. Use them to fix weed barriers in place or to secure tomato cages. They can also be employed as staples for fences to keep pets in and to hold outdoor wires or holiday decorations. They have sharp ends to make insertion easy, and the top can be pushed with your hand, foot, or a hammer.

Best for salad growing

BTSD-home garden stakes

(Image credit: BTSD-home)

BTSD-home garden stakes

Rustproof and durable

If you’re looking for stakes to support salad crops, check out these versions. The 25 stakes in each pack are made from hollow steel with a green plastic coating that prevents rust. They’re each 4-feet high, although other sizes are available. Both ends have sharpened points for easy placement.

Best for gentle lighting

OxyLED solar stake lights

(Image credit: OxyLED)

OxyLED solar stake lights

Color-changing effect

Stake lights are easy to position in the garden and can create a magical ambiance. You’ll get a butterfly, dragonfly, and hummingbird design in this three-pack, each of which will change through seven colors. The solar panel charges during the day for up to eight hours of light at night.

Best for big blooms

Tingyuan single stem plant support stakes

(Image credit: Tingyuan)

Tingyuan single-stem plant support stakes

20-piece pack

Tall flowers might need a little extra help to stop them flopping, but these loop-top stakes are a brilliant solution. They’ll hold the stem upright for a fabulous bloom display. The stakes are made from steel, and the green plastic coating helps them blend in.

Best for edging

EasyFlex landscape edging anchoring stakes

(Image credit: EasyFlex)

EasyFlex landscape edging anchoring stakes

Unobtrusive fixing

Adding edging to beds and borders can give your garden a manicured finish, and these stakes will make fixing it in place easy. The flat shape lays flush against the edging, while the hook at the top secures it. They can be used for fixing weed-barrier fabric, too. 

Our verdict

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Keep garden stakes at hand and you’ll be set for all sorts of jobs around the garden from plant support to landscaping. GROW!T bamboo stakes have the traditional rustic look many gardeners love and come in a range of lengths to fit what you’re growing. 

If you’ve put in flowers with a tendency to flop, Tingyuan single stem plant support stakes will keep them tall.  And to carry out jobs like fixing weed barriers, tomato cages, pet fencing, and decorations Ashman garden landscape staples are a top choice. Made from galvanized steel, they’ll stand up to outdoor conditions. 

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