Best lawn sprinklers

Keep your garden looking green and healthy all year round with the best lawn sprinklers.

best lawn sprinklers
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Lawn sprinklers keep your garden looking lush and healthy. With different ranges, shapes, and sizes, there is a model that can handle large and small green spaces. These useful tools strategically hydrate your lawn during dry seasons. (Crunchy straw-like grass be gone!) Here's a list of my top picks. 

Staff pick

Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler

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Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler

Covers large garden areas

This lawn sprinkler can water up to 4,500 square feet of garden.


  • Covers up to 4,500 square feet
  • 20 precision rubber nozzles
  • Nozzle cleaning tool included
  • Can be adjusted for big and small areas


  • Not the most durable
  • Oscillating cycle can jam with use

This lawn sprinkler features a classic long and slim design. It has 20 precision rubber nozzles to hydrate up to 4,500 square feet of grass. Though it covers a lot of ground, it can be adjusted to accommodate all gardens: small, medium, and large. When you're not using this device, simply run the included nozzle cleaning tool through it to ensure it is ready for next time.

Best mobile

Orbit 58322 traveling sprinkler

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Orbit 58322 traveling sprinkler

This one moves along any hose path

This lawn sprinkler features a self-propelling head that can water areas from 15 to 13,500 square feet.


  • Self-propelling sprinkler
  • Three-position speed controls
  • Travels along any hose path
  • Coveres 15 to 13,500 square feet of lawn
  • Made from rust-proof iron


  • Some of the hardware is made from plastic
  • Wheels are made from plastic

This self-propelling lawn sprinkler can cover gardens ranging from 15 to 13,500 square feet. It can be adjusted into three different positions and speed controls to ensure your lawn is getting exactly what it needs. The lawn essential is made from rust-proof iron and features plastic wheels that enable it to follow any hose path. 

Best versatile

Dramm ColorStorm 9-pattern premium turret sprinkler

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Dramm ColorStorm 9-pattern premium turret sprinkler

Nine water patterns available

This lawn sprinkler is available in several color options and has a durable metal base.


  • Nine water patterns
  • Great for watering gardens
  • Great for kids to play
  • Made with a sturdy metal base


  • Water pressure may be weaker than expected
  • Patterns may not be the most uniform

Terrific for watering your garden and for fun in the sun, this lawn sprinkler features nine water spray patterns. Kids will love dancing around the droplets on a hot day, and your plants will appreciate the hydration. This lawn sprinkler has a sturdy metal base that keeps it in place while in use.

Best spinner

best lawn sprinkler

(Image credit: Segomo Tools)

Segomo Tools 360-degree automatic rotating garden lawn water sprinkler

Three adjustable rotating arms

This lawn sprinkler features 12 built-in angled nozzles to ensure your entire garden is watered.


  • Three adjustable rotating arms
  • 12 angled nozzles
  • Covers 30 feet of garden
  • Hose connector, two rubber gaskets, and a nipple included


  • Base may not be as weighted as expected
  • May not come with assembly instructions

With three adjustable rotating arms, this lawn sprinkler can cover up to 30 feet of garden. The arms feature 12 built-in angled nozzles that shoot water out in different directions, ensuring that the entire lawn is drenched. The device also includes a hose connector, two rubber gaskets, and a nipple. This option is an easy and effective choice.

Best adjustable

GARDENA ZoomMaxx oscillating sprinkler

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GARDENA ZoomMaxx oscillating sprinkler

Versatile utilitarian design

This lawn sprinkler features 16 flexible rubber nozzles.


  • Covers 76 to 2,300 square feet
  • Oscillating sprinklers 
  • 16 flexible rubber nozzles 
  • Adjustable controls for width, length, and water flow


  • Head must be adjusted manually
  • Joints can loosen with use

This oscillating lawn sprinkler ensures water flow is optimal with 16 flexible rubber spray nozzles. The watering device can be adjusted in width, length, and water flow, allowing it to cover 76 to 2,300 square feet of surface area. So, it's great for delicate flower beds and large grass lawns alike. 

The bottom line

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The best lawn sprinklers are strong enough to keep your lawn looking vibrant and gentle enough to keep your flowers thriving. The Melnor 65074-AMZ XT Turbo oscillating sprinkler can cover up to 4,500 square feet of grass, making it a great choice for small to large-sized lawns.

The Orbit 58322 traveling sprinkler can follow any hose path, covering anywhere from 15 to 13,500 square feet of lawn. With three different speed controls and an auto-off function, it's a great choice.

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