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Keep your plants alive and help them thrive with this roundup of the best plant moisture meters.

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A plant moisture meter helps detect whether or not your foliage is hydrated or in need of a drink. These carefully designed gadgets are placed into the soil around your plants to detect the moisture level. This helps you determine when your plants need watering, which helps them thrive. Here's a roundup of the best plant moisture meters on the market.

Staff pick

plant moisture meter

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SONKIR soil pH meter

Tests sunlight, soil moisture, and pH

This plant moisture meter is a three-in-one design.


  • Tests sunlight, soil moisture, and pH
  • Features Double-Needle Detection Technology
  • Great for indoor and outdoor plants


  • Only tests the pH value of water
  • Indicator will not work if soil is too dry

This plant moisture needle is equipped with Double-Needle Detection Technology that ensures it accurately reads your plant's levels. The meter is a great choice because it tests your soil's moisture level, pH value, and sunlight saturation. To use this device, simply insert the sensor about 3 inches into the soil and then toggle the switch to reveal either the moisture, pH level, or sunlight. This meter is great for use with indoor and outdoor plants.

Best dial

plant moisture meter

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XLUX soil moisture meter

Features an easy-to-read dial

This large dial features a color-coded scale.


  • Large scale
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Shows results instantly
  • Single probe


  • Not compatible with hard soil
  • Does not test water alone
  • Must be wiped clean between uses or it may rust

This single-probe moisture meter is gentle on roots and great for medium to soft soil. Simply place it inside of the soil for instant results. The large dial displays a color-coded rating from 1 to 10, with 10 being extremely moist and 1 being incredibly dry. Use this meter indoors and outdoors to ensure you grow a healthy garden.  

Best double-needle

plant moisture meter

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SURENSHY moisture meter

Multifunctional two-pronged design

This plant moisture meter can read sunlight, pH level, and moisture.


  • Three-in-one design
  • Easy to use
  • Simple dial
  • Features Double-Needle Detection Technology


  • Does not work in very dry soil
  • pH meter may not be extremely accurate
  • Two needles can disrupt roots if placed too close to plant

Featuring Double-Needle Detection, this plant moisture reader tests your soil's moisture, pH level, and sunlight saturation. With one simple button press, you can quickly toggle between each test to view the results on the easy-to-read dial. These readings allow you to make informed decisions when it comes to helping your plants thrive. 

Best visual

plant moisture meter

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AM Conservation Group MM071-F soil moisture meter

Cheery frog design

This plant moisture meter is both fun and functional.


  • Frog design
  • Great for potted plants
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Measures soil at root level


  • May need to be cleaned, rinsed, and dried before first use
  • May not be as precise as other meters

If you're looking for a cute and effective tool to help your garden grow, this plant moisture meter has you covered. With an easy-to-read dial that is placed in this cute frog's body, you can make informed decisions about your plant's needs. To use this moisture meter, place the needle sensor into the soil, as far down as the roots, and view the results rapidly. The meter can be used with potted plants both indoors and outdoors.

Best convenient

IPPINKA Sustee aqua meters

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IPPINKA Sustee aqua meters

Come in a four-pack

These plant moisture meters can be left in the soil to constantly monitor levels.


  • Four-pack
  • Can be left in soil
  • Extremely easy to read
  • Designed in Japan in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Agriculture


  • Does not test pH levels
  • Does not have a dial

These plant moisture meters are excellent for monitoring your plant's needs. Place one stick inside of the soil, wait about three minutes, and see whether your plant needs watering or not. If your garden is hydrated, the stick's indicator will turn blue. If it is white, your plant is dehydrated. The indicators can be replaced and are designed to last 6 to 9 months.

The bottom line

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The best plant moisture meter is accurate and easy to read, allowing you to help your plants thrive. The SONKIR soil pH meter features Double-Needle Detection Technology, ensuring that every reading is accurate. It tests your soil's moisture, pH level, and sunlight.

If you're looking for an ultra-convenient way to monitor your plant health, the IPPINKA Sustee aqua meters are a great choice. Designed in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Agriculture, this four-pack continuously detects your plant's hydration levels for up to 9 months.

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