Best soaker hose

A soaker hose can deliver water where it’s needed to avoid waste of a natural resource. Take a look at the best in our round-up.

Gilmour 870751-1001 flat soaker hose
(Image credit: Gilmour)

Using a soaker hose to water plants is an efficient way to tend to your garden. As the water seeps out of the hose, it’s directed towards the plant roots, where it’s required. Foliage is kept dry, which can help plants stay healthy, and you won’t be watering the surrounding area, encouraging weeds. If you like the idea of irrigating your garden this way, check out our selection.

Best overall

Gilmour 870751-1001 flat soaker

(Image credit: Gilmour)

Gilmour 870751-1001 flat soaker

UV-protective fabric

Some 75-feet long, this flat soaker is a great value pick. It’s made with recycled material, and the liner is covered in fabric that protects it from the sun for a longer life. It’s lightweight, making it easy to move without disturbing plants. Keep it in place through the growing season, but detach and drain before freezing is likely.

Best for durability

Water Right soaker hose

(Image credit: Water Right)

Water Right soaker hose

Stays flexible

It may be a more expensive pick than the remainder of our selection, but this hose is made to last. It has high-quality chrome-plated brass fittings, and the polyurethane is UV stabilized. It’s designed to avoid kinks at the ends, and it remains flexible even when the weather’s freezing. 

Best low-cost pick

Rocky Mountain Goods flat soaker hose

(Image credit: Rocky Mountain Goods)

Rocky Mountain Goods flat soaker hose

Avoid evaporation

If you’re looking for a hose that’s easy on your pocket, check out this budget option. It’s designed to provide consistent seeping to get water to the roots of seedlings, vegetables, or plants and eliminates the waste of evaporation. It has a PVC liner and fabric cover for durability.

Best eco choice

Dramm 17010 ColorStorm Premium soaker garden hose

(Image credit: Dramm)

Dramm 17010 ColorStorm premium soaker garden hose

Save time and effort

This 50-foot hose is made using recycled material and promises to use 90-percent less water than conventional watering. The fittings are in crush-proof nickel-plated brass to avoid leaks, while the hose is made from high-grade rubber with thicker walls. There’s a 25-foot version offered as an alternative. 

Best for slopes

Teknor Apex Company 1030-25 GreenThumb soaker hose

(Image credit: Teknor Apex Company)

Teknor Apex Company 1030-25 GreenThumb soaker hose

25-foot hose

If you want to water plants on a slope, take a look at this design that’s made to cope with uphill areas. The hose is vinyl and can be positioned above or below ground or underneath mulch. It’s flexible, although if you need to make tight turns, a flat hose could suit you better. 

Our verdict

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Save yourself the chore of watering by letting a soaker hose provide steady moisture for growing vegetables, shrubs, plants, and trees. The Gilmour 870751-1001 flat soaker is well-priced for a hose that’s 75-feet long. It’s light and easy to position, and it’s made using recycled material.

The Water Right soaker hose is designed to stay flexible even when the temperatures drop so you can easily position it to deliver water to the roots of your plants. This durable hose has brass fittings and is made from UV-stabilized polyurethane.

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