Why we love the boxwood wreath trend and how you can recreate it at home

Go for an elegant, evergreen look with a boxwood wreath – the new must-have holiday decoration

decorated boxwood wreath
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The boxwood wreath is top of our list when it comes to holiday trends to try this year. Boxwood's neat, evergreen foliage is commonly associated with classic topiary, and using it for a wreath is a refreshing twist on the traditional conifer styles we're all familiar with.

These wreaths can be made from fresh, preserved or faux foliage. Fresh boxwood wreaths last around two weeks, while preserved and faux ones can last for years with the right care. With their understated, natural appearance, they can fit in beautifully with interior and exterior schemes all year round. But, providing you give them a bit of shelter, they make a particularly lovely addition to outdoor Christmas decor.

We explain everything you need to know about this must-try trend, including how to make your own fresh boxwood wreath and where to buy ready-made preserved and faux styles if you're short on time or want a longer-lasting display.

boxwood wreath with blue ribbon

A simple blue bow will upgrade a boxwood wreath

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How should you decorate a boxwood wreath?

One of the main reasons why these Christmas wreaths are so popular is their versatility: they can be decorated however you like, to complement your existing festive theme. Of course, you could even leave them just as they are and embrace their pared-back leafy charm.

'They’re easy to decorate and look so stunning,' says Vera Kutsenko, a nature enthusiast, garden design expert and founder and CEO of Neverland. She suggests adding red, gold or blue ornaments to them to make them stand out. 

'The best part of having a boxwood wreath as part of your Christmas decor is that it goes well with flowers and other ornaments,' she continues. 'You basically have a freeway when it comes to putting it together.'

Chris, from the blog Gardenbenchtop.com, suggests using natural, foraged items to decorate your boxwood wreath. 'Using branches, foliage, and flowers sourced from your own backyard will make the wreath feel much more personalized and offer continuity between your garden and your outdoor Christmas decor,' he says.

We also love Chris' idea of transforming one into an advent calendar. 'We attached little numbered parcels chronologically around the wreath for the kids to open each day,' he explains. 'Not only did it look as pretty as a picture, but it was also entertaining watching the kids wake up each morning and run to the boxwood advent wreath to open their presents. We've never seen them so excited about wreaths before!'

boxwood wreath with lights

Add twinkling LED lights for a festive glow

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Where should you hang a boxwood wreath?

'Wreaths can be a perfect way to welcome guests if hung on the front door,' says Vera. You could also use them to decorate a patio or courtyard wall, or, if you live in the city, tie them into your Christmas balcony decor.

Remember that some styles are more delicate than others. Try to keep fresh- and preserved-foliage wreaths out of direct sunlight. Both real and faux-foliage designs will also stay looking good for longer if hung somewhere sheltered from inclement weather.

Of course, boxwood wreaths work beautifully indoors as well as out. They look lovely hung up alongside Christmas window lighting to spread cheer to passers-by, for instance. You can also use them as a centerpiece on your festive table, paired with LED pillar candles.

boxwood wreath with white ribbon

White and green make an elegant combo

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How to make a boxwood wreath last longer

As well as hanging your real or faux wreath in a sheltered place, there are other steps you can do to help it last longer.

Fresh wreaths can be lightly misted with water regularly. This will help them stay looking luscious for up to two weeks. Using an anti-transpirant plant spray, available on Amazon, can also help to lock in moisture.

Blogger Julie Blanner suggests misting preserved boxwood wreaths once a month. If you're putting yours into storage after the holidays, keep it flat, in a box with a lid, and remember to continue to mist it periodically, she adds.

boxwood wreath

Boxwood wreaths can brighten up a wall or door

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How to make a boxwood wreath with fresh foliage

Making your own boxwood wreath is a budget-friendly way to create a traditional Christmas feel, says Chris. 'Building a DIY wreath also allows you to customize the size of your wreath. We personally prefer smaller wreaths connected with ribbon and hanging in a vertical line – each with its own color theme.'

Just follow these steps for your own fresh foliage wreath, including tips from Vera:

  1. Collect all the things you need to make a wreath. These include a grapevine wreath, hand-pruning shears, boxwood sprigs, and floristry wire. You can buy boxwood sprigs from some florists, or clip them off from your garden if you have boxwood as a hedging plant or in a container. 
  2. Make sure your sprigs of boxwood are around 8-10 inches long. It’s okay not to be too precise to get that perfectly-imperfect look. 
  3. Start inserting the leaves into the grapevine wreath, tucking them into the structure so that they feel secure. You can use floristry wire for extra stability if needed. Work your way around the wreath, layering up the foliage as you go. Add as many leaves as you want to give the wreath a lush appearance.
  4. Using your pruners, trim any rough edges to give the wreath a balanced, neater look. 
  5. Once you’re satisfied with it, attach a ribbon to hang it from.

You could also use the above method with faux boxwood foliage if you want a longer-lasting wreath.

making a boxwood wreath

It's easy to make a boxwood wreath at home

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Where to buy ready-made boxwood wreaths

Shop faux boxwood wreaths

The holiday season is a busy time of year and not everyone has time for Christmas crafting. To update your decor quickly and easily, opt for a ready-made boxwood wreath which you can then decorate (or not), as you see fit. 

These faux designs look just as good as fresh-foliage wreaths and will last – plus they require zero maintenance.

Shop preserved boxwood wreaths

These preserved-foliage wreaths are an easy way to elevate your festive setup, but look just as lovely in a guest room or office once the holidays are over. 

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