Deck fire pit ideas: 10 ways to warm up your backyard seating area

These deck fire pit ideas are perfect for keeping everyone cozy outdoors this season

deck fire pit ideas: dobbies
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Bringing deck fire pit ideas into your garden is a brilliant way to elevate the ambience and keep everyone warm. They're definitely worth considering if you're after a small but impactful update outdoors.

Decking is a smart addition to anyone's plot, acting as a sturdy and stylish base for a living or dining zone. Adding a source of heat means you can make the most of the space throughout the seasons. Whether you're cozying up beneath a soft blanket to toast marshmallows in fall or providing a focal point for a summer's evening soirée, a fire pit makes a valuable feature. 

There are all kinds of styles to try, and we've rounded up some of our favorites. Just remember that there are a few safety precautions to bear in mind though, which we explain below.

And, if you're after more stylish fire pit ideas, you'll find lots to inspire you in our guide.

10 deck fire pit ideas that will elevate alfresco entertaining

It's easy to give your decking a boost with these deck fire pit ideas – whether you're going for a rustic vibe or something more contemporary.

1. Create a cozy outdoor living room

outdoor living zone on deck with fire pit and sofa

We love this on-trend space

(Image credit: Photoword/Colin Poole/Future)

You can use your outdoor heating ideas to create a real centerpiece for your scene. Take this oversized fire pit, for instance, which is bound to be a talking point amongst guests.

Paired with a comfy corner sofa adorned with plenty of cushions and a nearby outdoor rug, this set-up is just as welcoming as a living room indoors. We love the wall mirrors and giant clock too, which offer even more character and style. And that painted black fence makes the perfect modern backdrop.

2. Position it on pebbles

fire pit on gravel on deck

Mix up the textures

(Image credit: David Brittain/Future)

Have you perused our garden decor with stones feature yet? There are so many ways to bring pebbles into your backyard for boosting the visual appeal. And here is one brilliant example.

Not only does this bed of stones bring in a new texture for added interest, but it's also useful from a safety perspective and will protect the deck from heat damage. Note the spark screen too – a great idea for reducing flying embers.

Here, the pebble design is mirrored beneath the nearby potted plant too. This ties the scene together but again is practical as well as pretty, as the stones will help with drainage.

3. Try a small and chic style

Bioethanol fire pit from lime lace in modern decked courtyard

(Image credit: Lime Lace)

If you're looking for modern garden ideas, perhaps a look like this is more your style. 

These designs use Bioethanol fuel – a renewable energy source that burns without smoke: ideal if you're after a low-maintenance, eco-friendly approach. And, because of their compact size, they can be positioned wherever needed – on a tabletop, for instance.

The sleek and streamlined look will complement any contemporary scheme. It's a good way to embrace the enchanting look (and warmth) of a flame without the fuss of a wood-fired one. 

4. Make your fire pit the focal point

sofa on deck with solus decor fire pit

(Image credit: Solus Decor)

Embrace a touch of industrial chic with a concrete fire bowl like this one. It makes the perfect focal point for a raised deck and again, there's no smoke or flying sparks involved, as it's powered by biofuel.

We like the sense of symmetry in this space too – a simple approach that always looks smart. And check out those ornate fence panels. As well as looking great, they help to define the space further as an individual 'room', while still allowing plenty of light and air to filter through.

5. Pair with on-trend furniture

fire pit and rattan sofa on deck from dobbies

(Image credit: Dobbies)

If you're going to invest in a gorgeous new fire pit, you might as well complete the scene with some of the best garden furniture, too.

Outdoor rattan is all the rage and complements all kinds of garden styles. We particularly love this sofa set, complete with table and stools, which offsets the nearby fire bowl beautifully.

Add some large, galvanized or glass lanterns filled with pillar candles and perhaps a potted plant or two. Then, you'll be all set for outdoor entertaining in style this season.

6. Go for something unique

modern fire pit on covered deck

This cozy space can be used whatever the weather

(Image credit: Andreas von Einsiedel/Alamy Stock Photo)

If you're looking for deck fire pit ideas with a difference, how about a design like this? Granted, you'll need a bigger budget, but we think it's worth the investment as the finished result looks nothing short of stunning.

With a style like this, you can enjoy all the warmth and wonder of a fire without the smoke, due to the chimney. Meanwhile, a portion of smart paving beneath increases the safety factor.

The roof will keep off the rain, too, meaning the zone really can be enjoyed whatever the weather. Invite guests around to relax in this space and they'll never want to leave!

Like the thought of covered deck ideas? You can find plenty more looks in our guide.

7. Or, keep it subtle with a multi-purpose design

solus decor fire pit as table on deck

This Hemi 36" Fire Bowl from Solus Decor has been fitted with a custom hardwood table top

(Image credit: Merge Studio and Ramsay Photography/Solus Decor)

If the above feels a little OTT for your backyard, then perhaps something like this is more suited. In fact, you might not have guessed it even was a fire pit at first glance.

A custom wood top like this is super handy and really ups the versatility of the piece. Use it to serve up drinks and snacks, then as the evening draws in, simply remove it and light up the fire to keep conversations going long into the night.

Such a multi-purpose design is perfect if you're on the lookout for small deck ideas.

8. Add a grill attachment for cooking outdoors

sofa area with fire pit and grill

Chloe Lloyd used products from Wayfair for this gorgeous outdoor makeover

(Image credit: Chloe Lloyd/Wayfair)

Model Chloe Lloyd has turned her deck into a chic dining nook that will definitely entice everyone outdoors.

'Outdoor styling is one of the hottest trends for this year's coldest season, and Chloe has truly transformed her space, turning it into a cozy corner that's perfect for relaxing and entertaining whatever the weather,' says Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair's resident style advisor.

'Chloe doesn't limit her alfresco dining to the summer months,' continues Nadia. 'She has set up the perfect spot for an indulgent and comfortable dinner by incorporating a fire pit to heat the space and a pizza oven to enjoy some delicious bites.' And with a simple grill attachment, food can be cooked over the open flames, too. Meanwhile, soft throws, cushions, candles, and festoon lights all add to the ambience.

Love the idea of cooking up a storm out in the open air? You'll find more outdoor grill ideas in our feature.

9. Make a statement with a fireplace

fireplace by outdoor decking

This design is sure to keep everyone warm

(Image credit: Mark Waugh/Alamy Stock Photo)

Outdoor fireplace ideas are becoming increasingly popular in gardens, and it's no surprise why. They bring a cozy living-room vibe to a space, whilst providing an architectural statement. And, they'll keep the smoke away from you and your guests.

We like the contrast between stone and timber in this design, which results in a fresh and contemporary look. Can you spot the clever log storage solution here, too? Stacking them to the side of an outdoor kitchen unit like this will keep them neat, dry, and easily accessible (plus, it looks great).

10. Embrace a rustic vibe

rustic fire pit with lanterns on decking

Get back to basics with a simple scheme

(Image credit: Emma Lee/Future)

Fire pits evoke the sense of huddling around a cozy campfire as a kid, and there's no reason you can't recreate that vibe by keeping the look rustic.

Use large logs as small tables or even stools and add plenty of low, glowy lights nearby for a magical yet back-to-basics feel. And don't forget the marshmallows for toasting!

You can find lots more rustic garden ideas in our feature.

Is it safe to have a fire pit on a deck?

'As you might imagine, fire pits on decks can be a big safety issue,' says Dave Sadler, Managing Director of JB Furniture. 'Fire and wood (decking): say no more! However, it is possible to do this safely as long as you get the right advice and plan well. 

'There needs to be an appropriate barrier between the two,' Dave continues. 'Quite often, you might use fire-retardant wood to create a barrier between the pit and your decking. We also recommend using something like stone paving, bricks, or a stone bowl to lift the fire pit off the decking. Always make sure you have something fireproof underneath the fire pit as well, like a fire pit pad.

'When planning the location for your fire pit, always ensure it's well away from your house,' adds Dave. This will reduce safety risks further, plus will prevent smoke from wafting into your interior space. Be careful using a fire pit under cover, too – always check with the manufacturer that this is safe for your particular products, and if so, provide the necessary clearance needed.

'In certain environments, fire pits can spark and send ash flying onto your deck,' says Dave. 'Use a screen to help protect the fire from doing this: it will keep your deck in better condition for longer and keep your fire pit safe.

Finally, Dave says to 'always consider the weather conditions before lighting a fire,' – high winds can increase the risk of danger. 'And, ensure everyone stays well away.' Of course, you should never leave a fire pit unattended when lit, either.

Non-wood-fired designs tend to be safer as they're easier to control and there's no risk of flying sparks. But again, it's always best to check with your manufacturer for peace of mind and follow any necessary safety requirements. 

Alternatively, you might just decide to opt for an electric-powered patio heater. Our best patio heater buying guide has some great picks.

moda furnishings bar with fire pit

This bar set from Moda Furnishings comes with an integrated gas fire pit, which is kept well away from the decking below

(Image credit: Moda Furnishings)

Which is the best fire pit for a deck?

'There is a huge variety of fire pits that you can use in your back garden,' says Dave Sadler of JB Furniture. The best fire pit for your deck depends on multiple factors.

Most importantly, you'll need to pick a design that is safe to use with your decking. But as well as this, you'll want it to complement the rest of the space. From simple bowl designs to elaborate fireplaces, choose a look that blends with your chosen garden theme.

Of course, you'll need to think about how you want to fuel your fire pit, too. When it comes to using a fire pit on decking, avoiding wood-fired designs is generally safer.

Also, 'think about space,' recommends Dave. 'If you don't have enough room for a fire pit area and an outdoor furniture set, consider utilizing a fire pit dining set.' This is where a (gas) fire pit is integrated into the center of a dining table, which will take up less space.

'Fire pit dining sets have increased in popularity over the last few years,' Dave says. They're 'an excellent way to host those dinner parties and social gatherings, no matter the temperature outdoors, providing warmth and comfort whilst eating a meal in your garden or just for a social get-together.'

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