Front yard fence ideas: 11 beautiful boundaries for your home

These stylish front yard fence ideas are perfect for defining your plot and making a good first impression

white fence and gate with garden arch
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There are lots of reasons why you should consider front yard fence ideas for your plot – from the aesthetic value they offer to the practical factors.

Any garden fence is beneficial for defining the perimeter of a space – whether that's the border between you and the next-door plot or your own patio from your lawn. And when it comes to front yard fences, they set the boundary between your home and the outside world. 

'One of the most obvious benefits is increased security, as a good-quality front yard fence can be an extra parameter to keeping unwanted visitors out and pets and children in,' says Screen With Envy's Founder and Lead Designer, Sophie Birket. 'This is especially important if you live on a busy street.

'By zoning your front yard, you can also add more privacy to your space by obstructing the view of nosy neighbors while also minimizing noise pollution,' she adds. But that's not all front yard fences are good for. With all manner of designs to choose from, they can give your plot instant curb appeal, welcome guests in style, and set the right tone for your home. 

Fabulous front yard fence ideas to surround your outdoor space

From traditional picket fences to ornate designs, these looks are sure to pep up your front yard landscaping, whatever style you're going for.

1. Combine metal with brickwork

Metal white fence with brick pillars

This fence has an elegant look

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Combining materials for a fence is a great way to add visual balance. Here, sturdy, red brick pillars give regimented structure and contrast pleasingly with delicate metalwork in a bright white.

The curves add sculptural appeal and help to draw the eye. Spikes along the top will help to deter resting birds as well as any intruders, and look decorative, too.

As it allows plenty of light and views in, this isn't a design for privacy, but it's a great way to give your plot a boost in style points while defining the perimeter.

2. Try a twist on the traditional picket fence

white gate and fence outside house

Match your fence to the exterior of your home

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A classic white fence is a popular choice, but this look is a little different from the norm. Coupled with a matching garden gate, flanked by two posts, it's neat and stylish without detracting from the lush views of the greenery beyond. 

We like how it complements the exterior of the home, too. Plus, the design of the lower half of this fence will ensure smaller children and pets can be kept safe from any nearby roads.

3. Go for a modern, slatted design

white concrete and timber paling fence outside house

Clean lines add a contemporary feel

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If you're on the lookout for contemporary front yard fence ideas, a design like this may be the perfect solution for your plot.

Combining slatted panels with concrete, it provides a degree of privacy – and security – without feeling overbearing. You could even add some plants for a fence line for an extra dose of greenery and to soften the straight lines.

Painted white, it looks gorgeous alongside the house, and would work well as part of an oceanside theme. However, there are lots of other garden fence color ideas you could try to suit your space.

4. Embrace a touch of gothic glamour with an ornate style

decorative metal fence in front yard

Metal is a durable choice for fences

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Known for its durability, metal is popular when considering fence types and how to choose them. It's smart, strong, and unobtrusive, and there are lots of designs to pick between – from highly decorative to fuss-free.

This look falls somewhere between the two, with its straight lines and subtly ornate detail along the top. Stone gate posts add drama and enhance the subtly gothic tone of the home's exterior, as does the duo of lanterns that top them.

Evergreens and seasonal pansies out in front add color against the muted backdrop. And, that mulch of bark chippings will make maintenance easy as it will suppress weeds and help the bed retain moisture.

5. Boost the privacy levels with a tall wooden fence

wooden fence with lattice detail at the top

Keep timber fences natural, or add a colorful stain

(Image credit: Elena_Alex_Ferns/Alamy Stock Photo)

Perhaps you live in a built-up, busy area, or your front yard is your main outdoor space. Either way, when it comes to defining the perimeter, you'll likely be looking for privacy fence ideas to screen neighbors and passers-by.

A classic, wooden design like this is ideal. And not only does that trellised top add decorative appeal, but it could also be used to train climbing plants along. 

We like the natural, warm hue of the timber, but it could be given a lick of stain or paint for a different look.

6. Add an arch for an enchanting entrance

front garden with white picket fence and arch with climbing plants

The perfect entrance for a cottage-style front yard

(Image credit: Thomas H. Mitchell/500px/Getty Images)

We couldn't create a list of front yard fence ideas without including the classic white picket style.

It sets an orderly tone for any plot and looks just as lovely in front of a luscious lawn as it does a billowing border full of cottage-garden flowers. Choose a gate to match, or opt for a garden arch covered in climbing roses, clematis, or honeysuckle for a whimsical entranceway.

7. Try bamboo for a rustic look

bamboo fence and gate

Add textural interest

(Image credit: H. Mark Weidman Photography/Alamy Stock Photo)

A beautifully-textural design, this fence is built by creating panels from bamboo. The result feels secure and private as well as organic and rustic, and we love the reddish-gold tones.

The subtle differentiation for the design of the gate helps it stand out while sticking to the theme. Ornamental grass is the perfect planting accompaniment for a look like this.

8. Keep it simple

white wooden fence

A practical and fuss-free design can still look smart

(Image credit: Kristina Blokhin/Alamy Stock Photo)

Here's another example where the fence mirrors the architecture of the home – not just in color but also in style, in terms of the fence posts and the porch pillars.

Choosing a fence that also complements existing entrance gates or walls will 'create a seamless initial aesthetic,' says Leigh Barnes of Jacksons Fencing, 'which commands attention, increases security, and enhances the visual appeal of your home.'

If you're going for a design like this, be sure to keep it well-maintained – a clean now and again and a fresh lick of paint will keep up the manicured appearance. Our guide on how to paint a fence is full of useful tips.

9. Add subtle definition with a timber fence

rustic wooden fence and gate

This fence and gate combo are full of rustic charm

(Image credit: A Garden/Alamy Stock Photo)

Go for a relaxed style with a simple wooden fence like this in your front yard. Perfect for a cottage garden, it has an artisanal charm and will mark out clear boundaries without blocking any views or sunlight.

Here, a simple gate adds to the look, making way to the meandering path that curves through luscious borders filled with pretty front yard plants. It's a lovely way to welcome you home.

10. Choose a characterful gate for your fence

wooden slat fence and gate

This gate has plenty of interesting details

(Image credit: H. Mark Weidman Photography/Alamy Stock Photo)

Speaking of characterful designs – metal detailing, a porthole, a curved top and an overhead arch give this gate bags of personality. 

Keeping the fence on either side simple balances out the design rather than making it feel overly fussy. Choosing a honey-colored stain will keep it protected from the elements as well as looking good.

11. Pep up a wall with decorative panels

panels on top of wall from screen with envy

(Image credit: Screen With Envy)

Decorative panels are lovely for garden screening ideas – whether that's to make your hot tub or patio feel a little more exclusive or to hide the bins. But they're valuable at the front of your plot, too, as seen here.

This sturdy brick wall is given a touch of Moroccan-inspired style with these ornate designs made from composite material, which will let in sunlight, too.

'One of the many benefits of composite material is that it does not splinter, making it safe for gardens with children running around,' says Sophie Birket of Screen With Envy. 

'Zero-maintenance composite fencing does not rot or need to be treated, so you save money as time goes by compared to traditional wood products,' she continues. 'There are so many great designs available, so you can customize your fence to suit your needs.'

What do you need to consider when choosing a front yard fence?

As these front yard fence ideas show, there are all kinds of materials and styles available, which means there are a few things to consider when picking the right one for your plot.

'Metal and timber fencing are both viable options for a front yard,' says Leigh Barnes of Jacksons Fencing. 'When opting for metal, modern, powder-coated, galvanized steel, tubular railings are preferred over traditional wrought iron to prevent rust and having to repaint it yearly. Timber when pre-treated can last for 25 years and longer with minimal maintenance.' As mentioned above, there are composite styles, too, which are also good for low maintenance gardens.

'Although all fencing will add some degree of privacy, the level of discretion will vary depending on the design of the fencing you choose,' Leigh continues. 'First, consider your essential requirements for installing garden fencing. For example, metal railings are more exposed than solid timber panels, so if you have small children or pets it is worth considering the latter as they provide a higher level of security.'

You will also need to consider any local restrictions regarding the height of your fence. In the UK, for instance, usually the maximum height is 4ft or 1.2m, explains Leigh. 'There's an expectation to fit in with the neighborhood. If you’re in a conservation area there may be specific specifications to follow, so do check with your council.'

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