Hot tub bar ideas: 11 ways to get your spa ready for socializing in style

These hot tub bar ideas will help you create the ultimate outdoor entertaining space

hot tub bar
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Hot tub bar ideas are well worth considering if you want to take your outdoor spa to the next level. After all, what could be better than sipping on a refreshing glass of something chilled while you bathe away your cares?

From permanent, built-in structures to clever add-on accessories, incorporating a bar into your garden's entertaining zone is a surefire way to impress guests at your next get-together. And as there are plenty of different options to go for, you can be sure there's a look that will complement all types of existing hot tub ideas.

Elevate your plot with these 11 on-trend hot tub bar ideas

Whether you're looking to create the perfect base for a hot tub party or simply want to elevate your spa setup for a spot of solo peace and quiet, you'll find plenty of hot tub bar ideas in this edit.

1. Pair your spa with a chic covered bar

hot tub from myspa UK by garden building and sun loungers

We love this modern setup featuring a spa from BISHTA members MySpa UK

(Image credit: MySpa UK/BISHTA)

Installing an outdoor bar near your hot tub is a great way to turn the zone into an all-in-one entertaining area. Plus, adding a shelter overhead, as seen here, will extend the use of the space whatever the weather.

This wooden-cladded scheme fits perfectly into a contemporary garden, and ties the spa and bar together beautifully. The sturdy paving underfoot is both practical and stylish, while a pocket of pretty planting softens the scene and offers a pop of vibrancy.

2. Add a slimline bar alongside your tub

covered hot tub from North Spas

This tub is from BISHTA members North Spas

(Image credit: North Spas/BISHTA)

This hot tub shelter will keep off the rain or glaring sunshine. And, it has a timeless appeal with its timber frame and hanging foliage. The handy ledges on either side provide a place for keeping drinks nearby, and can be dressed up with flickering candles in hurricane lanterns. 

It's the perfect setup for a romantic evening in. You could even add strings of glowy festoon lights overhead too, for an extra dose of magic.

You can find a hot tub shelter at Amazon. Depending on the size of your space, there's everything from canopy covers to permanent structures that you can shop.

3. Choose a design with built-in drinks holders

hot tub by hot tub suppliers

A cozy setup from BISHTA members Hot Tub Suppliers

(Image credit: Hot Tub Suppliers/BISHTA)

Some of the best hot tubs are already one step ahead when it comes to keeping drinks handy, by featuring built-in holders. 

In this design, they also include lights to give your beverages an enticing glow – a fun touch that will get everyone in the party mood. A scattering of outdoor-friendly LED tea lights complete the scene – a reliable way to up the ambiance of any alfresco space without having to worry about the fire hazards of real flames.

There are plenty of hot tub accessories that you can buy to spruce relaxation time. See them just below.

4. Opt for an all-in-one garden building

hot tub and bar from Liberty Games

This setup from Liberty Games is ideal for summertime socializing

(Image credit: Liberty Games)

Looking to make a bit more of a statement? We love this hot tub surround, that encompasses both a kitted-out bar and a tub in a super stylish way. Plus, there's even a television, so you can watch your favorite show or the next big game while enjoying the fresh air.

A nautical theme is brought to life by playful accessories, and a cover overhead not only screens the view from neighboring windows, but it also means the zone can be used throughout the seasons.

5. Keep it simple with a floating hot tub bar

hot tub with floating bar

A budget-friendly solution

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If you don't want to splash out on a whole new build for your hot tub bar, there is a simple and budget-friendly solution – a floating drinks holder.

There are lots of styles available, including inflatable and color-changing, light-up designs with space for a bottle or ice bucket as well as glasses. Now that's what we call socializing in style.

Shop for a floating drinks holder at Amazon. This inflatable drinks holder by Feebria is one of our top picks for style and practicality.

6. Turn your decking into the ultimate hot tub party space

hot tub from North Spas and pergola

A setup from BISHTA members North Spas

(Image credit: North Spas/BISHTA)

We're big fans of decking in a backyard. It always looks fantastic, it's a great way to level out sloping plots, and, with the latest composite designs, it can be really low-maintenance.

Here, it creates a show-stopping zone for hosting guests. And the twinkling string lights will boost the evening ambiance and ensure the party can continue well into the night. Consider investing in a fire pit nearby, too, for a cozy glow.

You can find more stunning looks in our dedicated hot tub deck ideas feature.

7. Surround your tub with a timber ledge for drinks

hot tub with surrounding shelf

Elevate your hot tub space

(Image credit: araraadt/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images)

This curved ledge may be simple, but it has a timeless elegance. Not only does it elevate the aesthetics of the inflatable hot tub, but it's also super useful for propping drinks and perhaps a bowl of snacks. And, if you put your tub into storage over winter, it can simply be used as a chic garden divider or for displaying your container plants.

It also ties in beautifully with the surrounding decking. And it's such a classic look that we think it would work for both traditional and modern garden ideas.

Leading hot tub brand Lay-Z-Spa sell an inflatable hot tub surround on Amazon.

8. Look for clever accessories to transform your tub

wooden board bar for hot tub from industrial woodwork

This handmade hot tub board is from Industrial Woodwork

(Image credit: Industrial Woodwork)

The perfect accompaniment to a hot tub – this gorgeous handmade board features clever cut-outs for holding wine glasses. And there's even a slot for a tablet so you can watch films while you relax. 

Simple yet undoubtedly stylish, it's sure to complement any outdoor scheme.

This handmade hot tub board is from Industrial Woodwork.

9. Opt for a stylish rattan surrounding

hot tub surround from all round fun

The ABLO Round Rattan Spa Surround from All Round Fun

(Image credit: All Round Fun)

'There's nothing better than taking a soak in your hot tub to ease the tensions after a long day,' says Tim Sidebotham, Director at All Round Fun. But, with a surrounding like this, it does get better – 'not only is it a welcome, chic addition to any hot tub but it's also handy to keep your drinks on while you relax in your spa, making it the perfect outdoor bar experience.'

For an easy life, look for fully-weatherproof designs like this one that can be left outdoors all year round with no covering or maintenance required. We're loving the rattan finish on this design, too – an on-trend aesthetic for all types of garden furniture.

And if the tub itself has caught your eye and you're wondering if inflatable hot tubs are any good, our guide has all the info you need to decide whether they're the spa for you.

You can buy this rattan hot tub surround from All Round Fun for just under £500.

10. Place your tub near a social seating space

hot tub bar ideas on deck with pool

Create the perfect zone for socializing

(Image credit: FilippoBacci/E+/Getty Images)

Having a comfy space for enjoying post-swim drinks and food with friends is a must for most pool patios.

So, whether you've got a full-sized pool or a hot tub (or both), place your patio furniture or garden furniture. And to ensure your drinks are kept ice-cold, look for tables with incorporated ice buckets that can be covered up when not in use.

Don't forget a chic parasol overhead, too, to provide cool shade.

11. Go all out with your hot tub entertaining zone

lay-Z-spa bar by Pete Simmons

This spectacular bar by Pete Simmons features a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub

(Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa/Pete Simmons)

This fabulous zone has everything needed for a relaxing afternoon spent alfresco. 

With its smart color scheme, chic garden parasol, well-stocked bar, and central hot tub, it will quickly be the go-to hub for summertime socializing. Who needs to venture out to splash the cash when you've got a setup like this on your own back doorstep?

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