Hot tub surround ideas: 12 gorgeous ways to elevate your outdoor spa

These hot tub surround ideas will ensure your jacuzzi blends into your garden scheme beautifully

hot tub surround ideas
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It's true – jacuzzis can be a bit of an eyesore. That's why hot tub surround ideas are so important and should definitely be considered if you're looking to add one of these luxurious features to your plot.

There are many ways to dress up your home spa, whether it's with plants, paving, or smart covers overhead. These can all enable the tub to sink into its surroundings (sometimes, quite literally), rather than interrupting your garden theme. 

And it's not just about looks – the surrounding additions to your hot tub ideas can be super practical too. Some, for instance, will extend the amount of time you can spend enjoying the bubbles, while others will make access easier or provide a place to prop a drink.

12 hot tub surround ideas to try in your backyard

'A hot tub surround should enhance your spa experience,' says the experts at Lay-Z-Spa. 'It should offer convenience as well as look stylish, creating a relaxing space you'll want to use time and time again.' 

Even the best hot tubs can be elevated with a carefully curated surrounding. These looks will get you inspired for your own setup.

1. Sink your spa into decking

hot tub surrounded by deck

This space can be enjoyed rain or shine

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All kinds of gardens can benefit from decking ideas. Whether timber or composite, they offer a smart and practical base for outdoor furniture and can be useful for adding levels to a plot, too.

Non-slip decking also makes a fabulous surrounding for hot tubs, as demonstrated with this design. Here, multiple heights are used to boost the practicality factor: the lower side makes it easy to step into the tub while the higher side is the perfect place for twinkling lanterns for that after-dark glow.

Note the overhead structure, too. 'If you enjoy using your hot tub all year long, a veranda or pergola can be the perfect addition,' says Rebecca Allison, a hot tub expert from Hydrolife. There are lots of different options for roofing, from louvered models to wooden styles. And if you go for durable, transparent, polycarbonate panels as used in this design, you can stay sheltered from the rain without losing any light.

2. Keep it rustic with a stone surround

hot tub with stone surrounding near pool

A simple yet effective look that complements the nearby pool

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Natural stone is a beautiful material that will always bring timeless charm to a backyard scheme. Using it as part of your hot tub surround ideas is a simple way to make the overall setup look more naturalistic and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it can provide a useful ledge for leaning, sitting, or putting a drink.

In this design, blue mosaic tiling has been used on the inside of the tub, which adds to the artisan feel. The look has also been mirrored with the nearby pool ideas, tying the two together harmoniously.

3. Opt for an off-the-shelf design

Lay-Z-Spa hot tub surround

The Lay-Z-Spa Universal Rattan Hot Tub Surround is the perfect partner for this inflatable tub

(Image credit: Lay-Z-Spa)

Not all jacuzzis are permanent, built-in features. But that doesn't mean to say they can't benefit from good hot tub surround ideas.

If your hot tub is portable – in that it can be packed down and easily moved –  'to a certain degree, a hot tub surround should be able to do the same,' says the Lay-Z-Spa team. That way, you can take it with you when you move house, or move it out of the way if you want to store your hot tub over winter.

With this in mind, they created this design above, which features a stylish rattan wicker-style finish and a lightweight steel frame. 'It has built-in storage solutions, a designated pump cut-out section, and two convenient steps with stylish weather-resistant tropical Acacia hardwood to make getting in and out easy for everyone,' they add. 

Something like this offers a highly functional and user-friendly space for you to sit back, relax and enjoy your hot tub whilst keeping your essentials organized and within arm's reach. We'd say it's an ideal addition to modern garden ideas.

4. Up the sensory appeal with fragrant planting nearby

hydrolife hot tub surrounded by planting

Plant herbs around your hot tub and you can enjoy their scent as you relax – like in this setup from Hydrolife

(Image credit: Hydrolife)

'Sympathetic planting around your hot tub can truly awaken the senses,' says Rebecca Allison of Hydrolife. Considered types of herbs and plants such as lavender and thyme are fantastic for encouraging pollinators to your plot. And, as Rebecca adds, they can also work in combination with your hot tub to provide ultimate relaxation as their fragrance fills the air.

'Coupled with recommended aromatherapy salts, you can unwind in total tranquillity,' she says.

Surrounding your spa with flower bed ideas will also help to soften the overall look. And, if you opt for tall blooms (such as Verbena bonariensis) perhaps mixed with ornamental grasses, you can create a soothing natural screen for boosting privacy, too. 

5. Blend your spa with your pool

hot tub near pool surrounded by wall

A spillover between your tub and pool will provide a soothing sound

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Planning a pool? A hot tub can be the perfect addition and will ensure everyone in the family stays entertained. 

Merging the two together is super convenient, allowing you to easily get from one to the other. Plus, if you use a spillover design like this one, the soothing sound will offer a sensory benefit, as well as mask any nearby traffic noise.

We love how this setup has been surrounded by raised garden beds. It allows the opportunity to bring beautiful blooms up to eye level – the ideal backdrop for a relaxing afternoon. The pale stone ledge brings a clean and bright finish to the scene, too, complementing the tiles in their pared-back palette.

6. Add lighting for a nighttime glow

hydrolife hot tub sunk into decking with seating area and lighting

This tub from Hydrolife can be enjoyed even when night falls

(Image credit: Hydrolife)

As Rebecca from Hydrolife says, the addition of LEDs into your decking, or some carefully positioned garden lights, means that you can still enjoy your hot tub well into the night. So, it's well worth considering these when planning your hot tub surround ideas.

Strip lights or spotlights along steps can be particularly effective, not to mention practical. They help to make this spa a real showstopper when dusk falls. Just ensure they're fitted by a professional to avoid any safety hazards.

Our outdoor lighting ideas will provide you with lots more inspiration.

7. Incorporate it into a sleek patio space

hot tub in modern backyard

A modern space that's perfect for entertaining

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Adding a hot tub to your pool patio will instantly take your space up a notch. Plus, sinking it down into sleek paving will mean that you're not obstructing the view from any angle – hot tubs can be quite big and bulky after all.

Choose coping in a contrasting color to your pavers for a chic effect. Then, add some of the best sun loungers and maybe a parasol and you'll be all set for entertaining alfresco in style.

8. Up the wow factor with a stone waterfall surrounding

sunken hot tub with waterfall

Make a statement with a feature like this

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Have you perused our pool waterfall ideas yet? They're a stunning way to elevate any swimming pool and can be added to your hot tub, too.

This rustic stone design is absolutely gorgeous, and will truly boost the experience of using the tub. Accompanied by decorative ornaments and potted plants, it gives the space a rustic and eclectic vibe that will never go out of style.

Plus, a wall like this can also be useful if you're looking to add some shelter to your spa – whether that's from the wind or from neighboring plots.

9. Match materials in a Mediterranean-inspired scheme

sunken hot tub on patio with ornamental grasses

Transport your space to sunnier climes

(Image credit: Mint Images Limited/Alamy Stock Photo)

White stone cladding surrounds this spa, and the result is simply stunning. We love how it blends effortlessly with the surrounding pale paving and wall beyond, as well as the nearby chairs.

Drought-tolerant grasses in a gorgeous blue hue, paired with architectural palms, are perfect planting picks for the scene. It's an ideal setup if you love the thought of recreating a Mediterranean garden in your yard.

10. Try a unique wood-fired setup

log fired hot tub with wooden platform

This design is bound to be a conversation starter

(Image credit: Aleksandr Trikhoniuk/Alamy Stock Photo)

Now, this tub is far from the traditional backyard design. Built over a log-fuelled fire, it's a great look if you're after rustic garden ideas that make a striking statement.

A small wooden platform, complete with steps, makes access easy and complements the design. And not only is the overhead structure practical for keeping the setup sturdy, but it also adds plenty of vertical interest to the scene while defining the zone.

11. Border your hot tub with raised planters

hydrolife hot tub with olive tree in planter

An olive tree adds a fabulous focal point to this garden zone – featuring a hot tub from Hydrolife

(Image credit: Hydrolife)

Speaking of defining zones, this setup shows how a stylish spa area can be created using large raised beds filled with plants. 

As well as providing color and texture to the scene, they'll obscure the view of the tub from the rest of the plot. And, if you're incorporating a fence into your hot tub surround ideas, don't forget about the best climbing plants. With the likes of sweetly-scented honeysuckle and jasmine, they'll turn your home spa into a botanical haven while softening those boundaries.

And, swapping out the paving for non-slip decking underfoot is a good move too, both practically and for making the space more of its own 'room'.

12. Use a stylish shelter for added privacy

wooden hot tub enclosure

Shield your tub from the elements with a chic shelter

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If you're keen on the idea of creating a real sense of exclusivity for your tub, then there are plenty of hot tub privacy solutions you can use to surround the scene.

This trellised design will look beautiful at the bottom of a garden. And, it will allow the jacuzzi to be used whatever the weather. Integrated windows allow the surrounding greenery to be admired while taking a soak, while built-in benches provide a peaceful space to sit and take a break from the bubbles.

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