Best sun loungers: relax in these top buys all summer long

Looking for the best sun loungers to give you those staycation vibes? We have you covered with our best picks...

best sun loungers showing a La Redoute wooden lounger
(Image credit: La Redoute)

If you're after the best sun loungers, you're in the right place, because we too have been on the hunt for a comfy chair for relaxing in our garden. With most of us facing a summer in the Costa del Back Yard, we are all about creating that holiday feel at home, and for us, that means a sun lounger and a cocktail in hand. Sure there might be no pool, no swim-up bar, no platter of tapas, but you can still make your garden a staycation destination, starting with the best sun lounger. 

We love all of these sun loungers, so to make things easier we have ordered them by price, so you can just head straight to the option that best suits your budget. 

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The best sun loungers

Argos sun lounger

(Image credit: Argos )

1. Argos Home Metal Foldable Sun Lounger

Best cheap sun lounger: add instant pattern and colour to your garden

Material : Metal and fabric
Size: H24 x W53 x D186cm
Foldable?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Amazing price+Super cool patterns+Lightweight and foldable 
Reasons to avoid
-It's not going to last for years 

Oh just look at those colours! If this doesn't scream holiday (at home) then... well you clearly have much less garish holidays than we do. Yes, the pattern is a bit bright but we love that, and there is a plain pink or blue version to choose from too. There's also a leopard print option, which we think in the right space could look really cool. Also the price for these sun loungers is great, by far the cheapest on our list!

Buy the Argos Home Metal Foldable Sun Lounger

La Redoute sun lounger

(Image credit: La Redoute )

2. La Redoute Acacia & Canvas Sun Lounger

Best traditional lounger: a cute and compact design

Material: Wood and canvas
Size : W69 x L148 x H66.5 / 87 cm
Foldable?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Lovely traditional striped print+Good price +Matching chairs and stools 
Reasons to avoid
-Comfy once in but can feel wobbly as you sit

A nice twist on a traditional deck chair style, we love the retro beach vibes this lounger would bring to a garden. It's two parts, a deckchair with a footstool that you place together, making it really versatile, plus the backrest is adjustable and it comes with a cute headrest.  

Buy the La Redoute Acacia & Canvas Sun Lounger

Argos sun lounger

(Image credit: Argos )

3. Argos Home Pascal Sun Lounger

Best chic sun lounger: this is a perfect pick for more modern gardens

Material : Polyester cushions with wood and aluminium frame
Size: H63 x W73 x D153cm
Foldable?: No
Reasons to buy
+Gorgeous style+Really comfy +Weather-resistant 
Reasons to avoid
-It's not the most portable option 

Is this not the coolest looking sun lounger you have ever seen? It's so chic! It's also this comfiest sun lounger out of all our picks because both of the thick cushions are included, plus the grey rattan arms provide a nice support if you want to sit up and read. It looks lovely with an extra cushion thrown on too to give it even more of that outdoor living room feel that's been so popular for the last few summers. 

Buy the Argos Home Pascal Sun Lounger

Maisons du Monde sun lounger

(Image credit: Maisons du Monde)

4. Maisons du Monde Black Metal and Resin String Sun Lounger

Best contemporary sun lounger: this is the one for you if want a bold, modern look

Material : Polyethylene resin
Size : H72 x W60.5 x D168cm
Foldable?: No
Reasons to buy
+Unique style +Waterproof +Really comfy 
Reasons to avoid
-The striking style won't be for all gardens 

If you are looking for the best sun lounger for modern spaces this would be our top pick. It's really unusual and striking so would be perfect for making a statement on your patio, plus it would look great once softened with cushions and throws to make it a bit more boho. It's also a really practical choice because it's waterproof so you won't have to be dragging it inside as soon as it starts to rain, which, let's face it, is inevitable during the British summer. 

Buy the Maisons du Monde Black Metal and Resin String Sun Lounger sun lounger

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5. Catania Garden Sun Lounger

Best simple, stylish sun lounger: a sleek design with a minimalist edge

Material : Metal
Size: H89 x W185 x D55cm
Foldable : The back folds down
Reasons to buy
+Empty List
Reasons to avoid
-Empty List

Of course would make the most minimalist sun lounger out there, and again, this a great choice if you are after a more modern look. We love the clean lines and neutral colour palette – perfect if you like that Mediterranean look in your garden that's all over Instagram this summer. It's comfy too! The seat pads are included and the back is adjustable. 

Buy the Catania Garden Sun Lounger

Le Redoute sun lounger

(Image credit: Le Redoute )

6. La Redoute Euka Acaica Sun Lounger With Armrests

Best classic wooden sun lounger: completely adjustable for total comfort

Material : Oiled acacia
Size: L197.5 x H35 x D71cm
Foldable?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Cool simple design +Great quality so will last summer after summer 
Reasons to avoid
-On the expensive side-Cushions will need to be bought separately 

If you are after the best sun lounger for quality, this is a top choice. It might be more of an investment but it's going to last summer after summer. Plus the style is a total classic so it's not going to date, and you can repaint or varnish it when it needs it, too. It's also great for comfort because the back and footrest are adjustable so you can find your perfect position. It has a slide-out table too for easy access to your book and G&T. Cheers to that! 

Buy the La Redoute Euka Acaica Sun Lounger With Armrests

Habitat sun lounger

(Image credit: Habitat )

7. Habitat Sura Lounger

Best indoor/outdoor sun lounger: stunning design that's super versatile too

Material : Rattan
Size: W139 x H80 x D58cm
Foldable?: No
Reasons to buy
+Looks gorgeous indoors too +Unique design 
Reasons to avoid
-Would need to be covered or brought inside in bad weather 

The Sura lounger might be one of the most expensive on our list but we couldn't resist its retro vibe and totally unique shape. It might not have any adjustable settings, but this is a super comfy seat because the shape is moulded to the contours of your body, making it perfect for an afternoon snooze in the garden. It also looks fab indoors, so come winter pop it in your living room or bedroom to add a chic feel to the space. 

Buy the Habitat Sura Lounger

Cox and Cox sun lounger

(Image credit: Cox and Cox )

8. Cox and Cox Paros Swinging Lounger

The ultimate sun lounger, this would be such a dream to spend the summer in

Material : Iron frame with foam filled cushions
Size : H 179 x W 213 x D 143cm
Foldable?: No
Reasons to buy
+Super comfy +Can seat two people 
Reasons to avoid
-Pricey-You would need a larger garden 

Well now we're talking. This isn't just a sun lounger, this is a swing sun lounger, with a shade! Oh, we can so imagine drifting off in this on a warm summer's day. The shade is adjustable so you can move depending on the sun's position. It's big enough to share, so you can cosy up with a blanket when it's cooler and enjoy the evening from the comfort of what is essentially an outdoor bed. Dreamy.

Buy the Cox and Cox Paros Swinging Lounger

How to buy the best sun loungers

Above you will hopefully find a sun lounger you love because we have covered all styles, but beyond looks, there are a few things you will want to consider before buying:

How long do you want your sun lounger to last?
This is very much linked to the price you want to pay, but essentially do you want a budget-friendly sun lounger that lasts a few summers, or are you after an investment piece that will last for many years to come?

What should your sun lounger be made of?
Again, this essentially comes down to how much you want to spend. A more budget metal sun lounger with a fabric seat isn't going to be as good quality as a wooden one for example. Also think about whether you want to be able to leave your lounger out no matter what the weather during the summer rather than storing them away when it rains. 

How big should your sun lounger be?
This will partly depend on the size of your garden, but also think about how you will store your lounger in the winter months. Do you have to be able to fit them into a shed? Does it need to be able to fold down in order to be stored?

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