Alan Titchmarsh shares garden path tip that makes the most of overgrown grass

Find out how a garden path can be brought to life with a quick bit of strimming and mowing

garden path tip
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As the weather is getting warmer and social distancing rules are set to ease, we’re all looking for simple and cheap ways to give the garden an update. Gardening guru Alan Titchmarsh has shared a clever tip to create a pathway within your garden, no gravel or boardwalks necessary. If you’ve let things get a little wild out there, this is one of the best garden path ideas for you.

In an episode of Love Your Garden, Titchmarsh took inspiration from grand Edwardian manor, Westbrooke House, located in Market Harborough. ‘Outside the walled garden is a completely different feel,’ he observes. ‘A mown path through longer grass leading to a pale blue bench.’ 

garden path tip

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‘Wonderfully relaxing,’ he adds, as he makes his way along the enchanting grass path, surrounded by lush, overgrown grass with cow parsley on either side. Mowing the lawn so that you’re cutting directly through the middle of a patch of long grass will instantly create the feeling of a garden path. 

The idea of a mown path will undoubtedly work best in larger gardens. For a relaxing pathway, try a big figure of eight, so that wherever you are, the path leads back to the house. If you’re dealing with small garden ideas, a straight line through the middle, or a circular path could be equally effective.

Before you begin, check that the area is free of wildlife. It’s worth using a strimmer first off, and then cutting more neatly with the best lawn mower. As you might already know if you've read our spring lawn care tips, remember that when cutting the lawn for the first time after winter to put the lawn mower on the highest setting, and to gradually lower the blades. Cutting the grass too short could discourage healthy growth, so keep a few inches at first before slowly cutting it shorter. You can find more advice on how to mow a lawn in our guide. 


(Image credit: Future Publishing Ltd)

‘You can gain pleasure from a garden just by looking at it through the window,’ Alan says, ‘but more often than not, it’s the journey you take within it which proves most rewarding.’

Feeling inspired to try something different with your lawn this year? Head over to our lawn ideas for more advice. 

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