This furniture trend is rooted in the past – but it will reshape gardens of the future

Who says antiques are only for interiors? The time has come to bring these pieces beyond your four walls

Urban garden with antique furniture
(Image credit: Owen Pacey / Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes)

The craving for charismatic antiques is on the rise – but this trend stretches far beyond the interior design industry. Landscape experts are urging you to carry the trend into your garden – where you can experiment with vintage pieces that will struggle to go out of style. 

One of 2022’s biggest garden trends stems from the past, but why should you get involved? And where should you begin sourcing? Here, designers reveal what you need to know. 

White antique garden seat

(Image credit: P A Thompson)

According to garden designers at Violet Grey, there is a growing interest in decorative pieces that will define and characterize a garden. And the best way to showcase your individuality? With one-off antique pieces.

‘We’ve seen a real increase in customers that are looking for antique pieces, items that have a real history to them and that is truly unique in their own way,’ explains Violet Grey’s founder Caryl Tincknell. 

Antiques often make the best garden furniture because they offer ‘the perfect combination of history and storytelling, which is the opposite of mass-produced furniture’ – meaning you make a statement whilst remaining sustainable. 

Urban garden with antique furniture

(Image credit: Owen Pacey / Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes)

‘In 2022, we expect to see a continued focus on creating unique garden spaces, with people spending more time at home than ever before. We know that the popularity of garden antiques and antique garden furniture will continue to grow as this trend grows,’ Caryl adds.

How can you bring antique furniture into your garden? 

As an antique restorer and founder of Renaissance London, Owen Pacey is a trove of antique garden furniture ideas. But what is his key to sourcing success? 

‘The trick is to use salvage sparingly – focus on a few carefully chosen pieces to avoid a cluttered feel,’ he says. He explains that vintage and antique materials can work well alongside contemporary pieces – so you don’t need to be scared to combine different styles and eras. 

Pacey continues, sharing his small garden ideas that will make a statement in the most compact of spaces. 

Urban garden with antique furniture

(Image credit: Owen Pacey / Photography by Graham Atkins Hughes)

‘Even in a small [space], garden art will make the space feel as interesting as a living room or sitting room,’ he says. 

‘Statues or sundials give the outdoors a full look – there should always be something to catch your eye. Even if your garden isn’t that big with large trees, nestling a statue among plants can create vignettes in your exterior.’ You can also pick up some antique goods on eBay, where the shopping possibilities are endless.

These pieces have endured for centuries, so we expect this trend is more than just a fad. It’s time we make the investment. 

Megan Slack

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